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I am a late 20's geek from UK currently residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia living the high life. I work in Computer Security, yes that's correct I am an 3l33t h4x0r...Or something like that. Mostly I do penetration testing (Yes ladies I am a professional penetrator), I also do security audits, stuff for BS7799 and training for Information Security related subjects. If you are interested in some consultancy or such like (globally is fine) let me know..

Well about me, apparently I look something like a serial killer or an arab terrorist depending how you look at me..

Me and a friend co-founded the world famous and well respected web-site, commonly known as SFDC or Security Forums Dot Com, which I recently got 'fired' from for disagreeing with the new management. Ironic seen as though I created it and it was the vision of Chris and I that made it the success it is.

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