Google's free blogging platform with easy to use interface - Easy To Use Blogging Platform was founded to by Pyra Labs and was adopted by Google in 2003. is one of the most popular blogging websites today. had the undistinguished distinction of popularizing the modern day blogging format. Even novices who know nothing of internet and have only basic computer operating skills can create a blog at and keep it updated. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Anyone may create, edit, add photos and customize his or her blog. is faster than any other blog and it hardly takes few seconds to upload and publish your blog.


When Google bought Picasa in 2004, it integrated the photo sharing utility of Picasa in This enabled the users to upload photos to their blogs at Later Google added additional features like CSS-complying templates, personal and exclusive archives and pages for posting comments, posts and so on.

You need to create a Google account if you wish to create a post at You may host the blog either internally by using a url, or you may host it externally on your own domain or on your own server through SFTP or FTP.

The blogs at are attached to a Google account. Thus the quality of server is excellent and this in turn provides a reliable and faster service. When you use for blogging you may use additional facilities like a drag and drop template, label organization, web feed options and reading permissions and so on. Since is a part of Google it has few unique features which are not available at any other blogging site.

Special Add-Ons

The Google tool bar has a feature for direct link to It is called “Blog this” and it allows the users who have Google accounts and blogs, to go directly to their blogs. In Microsoft Word, “Blogger for free” is a special add on. This way you can directly save a Microsoft Word directly into your blog and you may host the posts offline. However this particular feature is not yet compatible with the new version of

Earn Money From Your Blog is compatible with the Adsense service (another Google property). It is a very simple way of earning revenue from your blog. You just place the Adsense ads in your blog at and you earn money through clicks. also supports multiple users’ blog and you can form a group blog.

If you are looking for a great blogging experience, just log on to and start blogging instantly. At you can become a veteran blogger in no time at all. One of many Google products and services

Google has developed -- and acquired -- a wide range of fun and useful things for people to use on the Internet, including:

  • -- Free web-based email
  • Google Search -- Use keywords to search for web pages, web sites and documents
  • Image Search -- Use keywords to search for images
  • Video Search -- Use keywords to search for videos on the web
  • YouTube -- A site for watching and sharing video clips, for free; acquired by Google in 2006
  • Google Maps -- If it has an address, you can locate it on Google Maps, zoom in closer, find directions to and from, and see street photos of your searched location.
  • -- A portal to news, weather, a calendar and more, can be personalized to anyone's taste
  • Google Translate -- Translate text, web pages and documents between more than 40 languages
  • Picasa -- Upload photos to web albums, editthem, share them.
  • -- Create a blog with easy-to-use software.
  • Google Chrome -- A web browser developed by Google.
  • Google Earth -- Allows people to view any place on earth in three dimensions, using satellite images and modeling technology.
  • Nexus One -- A smart phone released in January 2010 that competes with Apple's iPhone.
  • SketchUp -- Software for creating 3D sketches on your computer.
  • AdSense -- Google's advertising platform. AdSense places ads alongside search results and beside Gmail. The ads match what people are searching for in Google's search engine or what they're writing about or viewing in Gmail.


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