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The Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Software Foundation was started in 1999 by programmers from The Apache Group who had originally joined forces to develop the Apache HTTP Server in 1995. The Foundation was created to protect the Apache brand of products as well as to provide a place for open and collaborative software development projects. The Foundation sees itself as being pro-open source and open development of high quality software.

The name “Apache” comes from the Native American Indian tribal name, as well as being a pun on “a patchy web server.”

As a non-profit group, The Apache Software Foundation is managed by a board of directors who are elected by the general membership of the Foundation each year. Each project the Foundation undertakes is managed by members of the Apache Group. All code generated by Apache projects belongs to the Foundation itself.

Membership in the Foundation is based on an individual merit basis. In order to become a member of the Apache Software Foundation you have to have worked on one of their projects and be nominated by an existing member. To join the foundation you need to prove you have the commitment to do the work that goes along with it. Also, corporations are not allowed membership into the Foundation. The Foundation is made up of individuals only. However, working for a technology company does not exclude you from membership.

The Apache Software Foundation accepts support of developers interested in joining the foundation as well as monetary donations for furthering the work of the Foundation and its projects. No members of the Foundation or those involved it its projects are paid. Companies and institutions do pay people who are working on Apache Software Foundation projects, but the Foundation itself does not fund projects or pay anyone, including its Board of Directors.

The main service groups of the Apache Software Foundation are: The web serving environment (both wiki and web sites), the code repositories, the mail management environment, the issue/bug tracking service, and the distribution mirroring system.

The Foundation Incubator

The Apache Software Foundation created a project called the Incubator. The Incubator is responsible for looking at a new project’s proposal and evaluating if the work meets the requirements and merit of joining the Foundation. The Incubator also takes and active role in creating the project, its infrastructure, and supervision and evaluation of the project as it progresses through its lifecycle.

The basic requirements for the Foundation to incubate a project are: a working codebase, the intention to donate the copyright for the software to the foundation, and it must have a sponsoring mentor who is a member of the Foundation.


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