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Creating an Account

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Before you can create and edit pages you will first need an account. Simply click "Account" from the upper right hand corner of the site and then choose "Create account". You will receive a confirmation email that contains a link you must click on to verify your account. Once verified you can start contributing to the site.

Creating a Page

To create a page simply search for the page in the search bar at the top of the site. If the page does not exist click the "Create Page!" button to create it. Keep capitalization in mind when creating a new page. For example, "MyNewPage" looks better than "mynewpage".

Editing a Page

To edit a page simply click on the "Edit" button at the top of the site.

Creating a Custom Title

Sometimes creating a custom title makes your page look better to users and show up better in search results. For example, if you're creating a page for your super cool website you might want " is about being super cool!" instead of the default which would be just "". You create a custom title by using the {{DISPLAYTITLE:YOUR CUSTOM TITLE HERE}} wiki markup. You can view the source for this page to see how we used a custom title.

Creating a Custom Meta Description

A custom meta description can make your page look better in search results and possibly get more people clicking on it. Your meta description should be very relevant to the content of the page or what your page is about. It should be human readable and make sense to visitors trying to get a quick feel for what is on the page. It's good when your meta description contains part of the title and any keywords that you feel your visitors are looking for. Best practices say to keep the description between 150 and 160 characters in length. Any more and search engines won't show it all and any less you probably are not saying enough.

Creating a custom meta description on your AboutUs page is easy, simply use the following wiki markup anywhere on the page:


Adding an Image

Before you can add an image you must first upload the image. To upload an image go to Special:Upload, click the "Choose File" button, fill in any extra details, select the image to upload, and then click the "Upload File" button. You will then be taken to the image's page. To use the image in a page that you are creating or editing you use the [[Image:file.jpg]] or [[Image:file.png|alt text]] wiki markup. View the source of this page to see the other examples below:


For even more information on adding images visit

Adding a YouTube Video

You can add a YouTube video by using the the special YouTube tag: <YouTube>VIDEO_ID</YouTube>.

Adding a Google Map

You can add a Google map by using the the special googleMap tag: <googleMap lat="LATITUDE" lang="LONGITUDE"></googleMap>.

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Sections and Table of Contents

You can view the source of this page to see how sections and a table of contents can be created. A section is created by using the ==SECTION_HEADING== wiki markup. A table of contents will automatically be created for you based on your sections. For more information on sections and table of contents visit


Categories help group your page with other similar pages. It can help a lot when a user wants to see all pages in a particular subject, genre, etc. You add categories by using the [[Category:CATEGORY]] wiki markup. If you want to add more than one category simply add multiple category markups. View the bottom of the source for this page for an example.

Advanced Editing

These are just the basics. There are many more advanced editing techniques that you can use to really make a page you create or edit shine. For more information in wiki markup and editing in general visit

Social, Popular Websites, and other Commonly Used Templates

We have created a lot of easy to use wiki markup templates for you to use on pages. For things like quotes, links to Facebook, Twitter, etc these templates make it quick and painless. Since there are so many we have given them their own page: Social,_Popular_Website,_and_other_Templates.

If you have additional questions please visit our FAQ or feel free to contact us.


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