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FeedBurner is the world's largest feed management provider. Our Web-based services help bloggers, podcasters and commercial publishers promote, deliver and profit from their content on the Web.

FeedBurner also offers the largest advertising network for feeds that brings together an unprecedented caliber of content aggregated from the world's leading media companies, A-list bloggers and blog networks and individual publishers.

I Like My Feed. Why Would I Want to Set Fire to It?

If you long for creative ways to attract an audience, see where your content goes once you publish it and generally add a lot more value to your feed, then "feedburning" is for you.

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Setting up a blog or podcast is fairly simple. However, publicizing that blog or podcast, tracking your subscribers and finding out which articles are most appealing to the public is a much more difficult task. A great tool that can help you with all these matters is Feedburner.com. Feedburner is one of the most competitive and successful feed management provider, as it can dramatically increase your feed and provide statistical data that will help you manage your blog or podcast more efficiently.

Why should I use FeedBurner.com?

There are three types of people that FeedBurn.com addresses: bloggers, podcasters and commercial publications managers. For bloggers and podcasters, using FeedBurner.com helps them make it easy for people to subscribe to their web content and to access their blog or podcast using any of the major readers. Bloggers and podcasters can also use Feedburner to analyze their traffic and to earn money trough advertising. Commercial publications managers also benefit from the services offered by FeedBurner.com in the fields of publicity, optimization, statistical analysis and revenue generation.

How do I get started?

FeedBurner.com is a comprehensible tool for both beginners and advanced users. The first thing you have to do is go to FeedBurner’s home page, introduce your blog or podcast’s URL address and select the type of service you want. You have two options. The first is free and it offers basic service, while the second costs almost five dollars per month and it offers advanced tools and services. After you have chosen one of the two options, you complete the initial configuration and then the program redirects the URL address of your blog or podcast trough a FeedBurner URL. This way, FeedBurner.com is able to collect all the necessary data to perform different statistical analyses for your blog or podcast. You can also take advantage of the publicizing tools offered by this web service, such as the RSS subscription service. After FeedBurner is set up, you can monitor traffic on your blog or podcast and you can use the data gathered to enhance its performances and popularity.

What do I get from using FeedBurner.com?

Probably the most important reason to use FeedBurner.com is the fact that you can accurately monitor traffic on your blog or podcast and you can know exactly how many subscribers you have and what are they interested in. Feed Counter is a tool offered by FeedBurner.com that displays the number of people that have subscribed to your blog. FeedBurner can also help you make money using RSS feeds trough using some of its options such as overture advertising and taking part in the FeedBurner Ad Network. Another cool option of FeedBurner is SmartFeed, which makes your feed compatible with any of the major feed readers. Feedburner also enhances the XML appearance of your feed and it makes it easy to read. If you want to make your feed available only to certain people, you can add a password protection to your feed and deny access to it to any unwanted users. FeedBurner offers a great package of tools such as Summary Burner, Amazon ID Burner, Feed Image Burner or Creative Commons that can enhance the quality and attractiveness of your feed.


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