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Flickr was the brainchild of Vancouver, Canada based company known as Ludicorp. The company was originally founded in 2002. But the Flickr was launched in February 2004. Flickr was a by-product of the tools that were originally created for Ludicorp's game “Neverending”. But the company went along with Flickr as it was proving to be more profitable and abandoned “Neverending”. Flickr was subsequently acquired by Yahoo Inc. in March 2005 and the data was transferred to servers in United States from servers in Canada in June.

Features and Content - Using Flickr

In the beginning Flickr started off with a chat room where in the users can exchange photos. And the features that are present today in Flickr like tags, favorites, group photo pools were absent.

Better Organization

The users can categorize their photos by using “tags” and “sets”. The tags allow the user to search the photos using certain search criteria such as place name or subject matter. Flickr constantly updates its searching capabilities by adding the more popular keywords. Sets are more easy to use and flexible than the old folder based method of organizing files. Flickr also has a web service called API where programmers are allowed to create their own applications and make Flickr do whatever they want.

Flickr has a web application called “Organizr” for organizing photos. But it can be done only if you have a Flickr account. The users can modify tags, descriptions, set groupings and put photos on a geographical location on a map. Organizr also has made the batching of photos simpler than ever.

Privacy Control

One can store both private and public images using Flickr. Users have control over the images that they are uploading by setting the privacy control. So if one doesn’t want everyone to see their images they can flag their images as private. The images then can only be seen either by the person who uploaded it or by family and friends if marked as visible for them. Also the users of a group can set the group as private, although the members of the group can view the photos, it will be private to others and hence not visible. But if the group is made public then the photos can be seen by everybody. Flickr has a feature to add contacts to a list to have better control over these operations. Flickr’s guest pass system allows private photos to be shared among non-flickr members.

Better Interaction and Compatibility

The Flickr allows users to post their images even using email attachments, also supporting direct uploads from numerous models of camera phones and also applications with email capabilities. Flickr is also compatible with Macintosh and Linux operating systems making it the most preferred photo upload site.


One of the features that were added recently is geo-tagging tool. How it works is very simple. You just have to find a location using Yahoo maps by entering address code or airport code or city etc. or just navigate around the map to find the location. Then from organizers’ thumbnail bar the users can simply drag and drop their photos on to the map in the right location and done.

Web search integration


Now anybody who is searching for images can get image results from Flickr in certain web searches.


The Flickr page markup does not play well with's image search.

Archiving Capability

With a free account the users of Flickr have access to the last 200 images they have uploaded. However the old images are not deleted but they are accessible only via their URLs as opposed to accessing it from their Flickr account. But a Pro account allows the user to access photos older than their last 200 photos.

User groups

User groups, like Flickr Customer Union, are routinely deleted if Flickr does not like what the customers have to say. If you know any Flickr groups outside's grasp, please list them here.




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