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SourceForge or is marketed by VA software. SourceForge offers it's customers a complete variety of software development facilities and merges with numerous open source and free software applications like CVS and PostgreSQL. SourceForge can be called a shared software development and supervision system. It is considered as another name of Open source projects.

As of January 2007 it had 1,491,454 users and had attained 139,750 projects. However many of its users are one time users or dormant users. To begin with, the SourceForge software was an open/ free software. However it was relicensed and commercialized as a closed source/ proprietary software. Its latest version is 2.5 which is from the CVS repository and is sold as Savane by GNU project. Later one of the programmers at SourceForge also sold it as Gforge.


It allows your (or any) project to be named uniquely, which is present in its registry to become sub-dominated. The URL will be http:// name of the or it may be http:// name of the Thus your project gets a renowned URL branding and if there is high activity according to their standards then it may even get listed on site’s main page as a top ranking project. Since the site has huge volume of visitors, running into millions, and is frequently researched for information regarding projects, the projects posted here are quickly accessible to the developers’ and users market.

Disk Space offers its subscribers sufficient disk space so that the project has a complete house to itself. It can store contents like Mysql database, wiki, source code versions and also their main web pages. All this can be loaded into the sub domain house. The chief tabs that are required in a sub domain are Forums. Admin, Mailing lists tasks, and Download Files. Developers can schedule and manage tasks with the help of automatic emailing facilities, monitor forums through emails, so that there is no need to continuously browse the net.

It is essential that the owners of the project keep record of the development work because of the continuous threat from the bugs. The intention of is to keep everything transparent but administrators may limit few categories of forums to members only or may even behave in an unregulated way. If you want to get maximum benefit from and gain most of the market share available then you must be active member and be updated and informed about the latest freebies and news. They should do all their activities there itself so that the visitors can see them and their ratings also go up.

It was banned in China for some time but it was lifted in 2003 and was banned till early 2005. The main competitors of SourceForge are GNU Savannah,, which is supported by CollabNet and Bounty Source.




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