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Digital Point Solutions is the website of a privately owned company Digital point solutions. The website offers, a wonderful forum for webmasters, who can share best practices for search engine optimizations, keyword selections, latest search engine news, and techniques to get higher page ranks. A part from this excellent community feature the site offers free keyword selector tool, a free web counter, search engine scripts and many other free services to help you create a better website and marketing campaigns.

Product Line Up offers some of the much needed webmaster tools in its online shopping service. Some of these include the Optigold ISP by which you can run sales, billing and tracking operations of your website, Name Stalker which helps you monitor and manage your domains, server software’s, web publication tools such as OptiGold Data Wizard, and several other diagnostic tools for server setups. The products are offered for windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

Services offered

To make your business progress easier you can use services. These include backup services in which the most critical database of your company’s website is backed up either weekly or daily depending on the type of operations. There is a database consulting service which allows you to work with the staff for designing, publishing of your databases on digital point servers, conversion of data, and the implementation of database securities for your protection. In case you want to learn all the technicalities of designing and developing your own databases you can attend seminars and training classes.

Email lists and tips

Email lists are maintained for discussion topics in various topics such as Optigold user, home inspector, java companions, oracle and related products and search engines. Subscription is easy and you can get a load of viable information through these discussions. To make it more helpful the tips section is a quick reference guide which has all notable points of famous development tools such as oracle, visual basic and html.

Webmasters Joy Land

Webmasters enjoys this section of the website because it has all the tools that are required for analyzing, managing, linking and many others on site operations. The listed tools include Google Adsence Charts that allow you to view charts for detailed analyses on traffic or site keyword rankings, the Google Sandbox which shows the ads that will be displayed on the web pages, Back link tracking tools, content comparison tools, security checking tools, keyword ranking tools which helps track the search engine results for the keyword of your selection, keyword suggestion tools to help you decide which phrase is best searched, page rank finding widgets, free hit counters, physical location finders of the visitors and yahoo ranking tools.

Digital Point Forum

It is a forum for webmasters which discusses everything from search engines to marketing, business, tools and design. The search engines section discusses the major search engines such as Google yahoo, msn, their search engine optimization techniques, page ranks and ad campaigns. Along with it, webmasters can also discuss the directories for site submission.

In the marketing section webmasters generally concentrate on marketing techniques such as affiliate programs, Google Adsense and search engine optimization. In the business section people with ecommerce websites can discuss the payment issues, buying and selling issues, copywriting and all other general business related issues. In design and development section webmasters can discuss the development of their websites, graphic development, improvements, programming and databases designs.


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