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Have you established a website that is up and running? Are you interested in how many people visit your page on a daily basis?

If the answer is yes, you will need a Site Meter. This device is quick and will keep you informed about the number of people looking at your page and display the statistics on every hour and day. This option is free of charge and is brought to you by

If you need something more complicated that the Site Meter, you have some options of the Site Meter versions. The Site Meter Plus tracks the details of the last 4000 visitors of one site, while the simple Site Meter will show only the last 100. The Plus will move faster when you want to visualize the details, and it can be also made invisible. This upgraded model will also show you some reports about the visitors of the site, while the earlier Site Meter won’t. The Site Meter Plus has many improved features. However, if you need the Site Meter Plus, it will cost you a few dollars a month, while the Site Meter is totally free. If you want to keep things simple, then the Site Meter is the thing for you. Site Meter will not slow the loading of the page.

The Site Meter website has a few helpful sections including FAQs in case you need some help, upgraded accounts, cookies, site referrals and tracking comparisons.

The site presents with the Site Meter Weblog, with postings from the users and all sort of interesting facts and comments about the latest features of the Site Meter. You can find out how to solve Site-Meter-related problems or get answer to the possible questions you might have. In this section you will find an archive of the comments and postings. This archive starts in January 2005. The Weblog is hosted on a different server than the traffic-tracking servers, so that you may have access to it, even if there is a problem at the hosting center.

In case there are changes in status, you will be immediately announced, but you need to enter the subscribing of the web feed.

Last but not least, the Help section will lead you exactly to the FAQs page, and you can handle it from there, as the FAQ section contains all there is to know and all possible questions and answers about the Site Meter.

At the bottom part of the website you will be able to fill in a survey about the site if you want. The survey evaluates how you feel about the site, and will only take a few minutes to fill. This is a very helpful tool for many sites.

The site has a very clear layout; the message is simple and to the point. There are a few ads on the top of the page, but they are discreet and straightforward and won’t bother you at all. And these ads make the Site Meter be free of charge.

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Excellent Site Meter Service

Have been using sitemeter on some blogs of mine for almost two years, never had a problem, never had it go down or reset without my wanting it to, been completely reliable, very user friendly.
  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 8, 2007, 1:54 am

Sitemeter Rawks

I have been using Sitemeter for years now, on various domains of mine. I think it's better than some of the others that I have used. It gives you so many details but my favorites are the referrals from search engines. Sitemeter Rawks.
  • posted by Anonymous on Jan 23, 2007, 7:26 pm

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