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Mozilla is best known for it’s development of the award-winning Firefox internet browser and Thunderbird e-mail software. Unlike companies such as Microsoft, Mozilla believes in open-source code and development cooperation amongst users and programmers on the web. Mozilla believes that this open-source and collaboration between developers and users provides value through better software being developed for everyone to use.


Mozilla started as the engine that the Netscape browser was built on. In 1998, the Mozilla Organization was founded by Netscape to create the Mozilla Application Suite (Firefox and Thunderbird). As AOL began to distance itself from the Mozilla project (and incidentally disband Netscape), Mozilla began to gain its own life. AOL helped start the Mozilla Foundation, which was a 103(c) non-profit organization designed to oversee and run the Mozilla project. On August 3, 2005 the Mozilla Foundation created the Mozilla Corporation, a for profit subsidiary, which runs Firefox and Thunderbird under a license from the Mozilla Foundation.


Mozilla Firefox is the free open-source browser developed by the Mozilla community. This browser is the primary competitor of Internet Explorer, and is considered superior by most educated users and experts. Lacking ActiveX support, complete integration with the operating system, and other inherant security vulnerabilities, Firefox is a very secure browser. In addition, discovered security flaws are usually fixed relatively quickly. Firefox also has phishing detection features built into it, and anti-spyware safeguards are also standard. If your browser does lock up, you can use the restore session feature to put you back where you were in a snap.

The Firefox browser is highly customizable using hundreds of skins, plugins, extensions, and themes. There are plugins that help you increase your security while browsing, change the way Firefox looks, or add functionality to Firefox. Firefox also features tabbed browsing, a feature that is just plain convenient and simplifies browsing multiple sites or pages. It also includes built in spell checking on text in form fields.

Firefox also features a full featured built in search bar that supports dozens of different search engines.


Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source email client developed by the Mozilla community. Thunderbird is full of features, secure, and easily customizable.

Thunderbird supports both POP and IMAP email server protocols (as well as SMTP for sending email). It also supports both plain text and HTML email.

Included security features include phishing detection and alerting, and anti-spam filters.

Thunderbird also allows you to easily customize it by adding and organizing mail folders, and automatically sorting incoming email.

Other Products

Mozilla products are free, open-source, mostly cross-platform products.

  • SeaMonkey - Web-browser, advanced e-mail and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and HTML editing made simple -- all your Internet needs in one application. Download
  • Camino - The Camino Project has worked to create a browser that is as functional and elegant as the computers it runs on. The Camino web browser is powerful, secure, and ready to meet the needs of all users while remaining simple and elegant in its design. Download
  • More Mozilla Products


A wide variety of closed and open source add-ons are available to customize the visible and functional elements of your Firefox browser. The website offers a full listing of approved add-ons

Support includes support options for users of Firefox and Thunderbird. The site includes a knowledge base, as well as support forums for users to ask questions and get answers from the Mozilla community.


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