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Information is essential in the fast-paced world we live in. fills our need to stay informed and aware of the world around us by providing new and interesting stories from an extremely wide selection of fields. From books, health, science and technology to pets, real estate, shopping, travel and sports, covers of major interest fields. is different from other web sites that provide news and stories by the fact that its entire content is submitted by users. Besides interesting news and stories in all major fields, also hosts videos submitted by users.

Interactive story and news coverage

All the content that you will find on is submitted by the users of this site. This makes the news and stories on Netscape very interesting and appealing to the user. The users post these stories on their personal pages and other users can vote them. The more votes, comments and clicks a story gets, the faster it reaches the home page of Users vote for the stories that they find attractive and appealing, which means that only the most interesting news and stories make it to the home page. However, this does not mean that any news can make it to the home page. There is a team of Netscape Anchors that work round the clock and their main task is to supervise the activity on this web portal. They work to keep clean, interesting and free of spam. They also make recommendations regarding certain news and stories that they find most compelling and interesting and they do journalistic follow-ups on stories of high interest.

What about videos?

Any registered user of can upload videos to the web portal and share them with the rest of the community. Videos uploaded to should not be offensive and emotionally distressful and they should be in agreement with current state laws, otherwise they are deleted from the web portal. Registered users can vote for a video or comment on it. The video service is ultimately a place for users to share their ideas and experiences, to have fun and to learn from the experiences of others.

Is user registration mandatory on is a free portal and anyone can access it. You do not have to be a registered user to read stories and news on or to watch videos. However, you have to register if you want to submit your own stories, news or videos and if you want to vote for the news and videos submitted by other users. However, user registration is a very simple process and it takes less than to minutes to complete it. Registration is also completely free. As a registered user of, you have the right to submit news and stories, to upload videos, to vote or comment on other users’ stories and videos, and to add friends and to form shared reading and viewing lists. There is one rule that you have to respect in order to submit your stories and videos: you have to always provide a link to their original source.


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