provides free hosting services for Mozilla applications

Title - free project hosting for the Mozilla community


About is a software development community dedicated to making quality applications and extensions freely available to all computer users. Our goal is to help establish Mozilla as a viable application development platform. Free project hosting and software development tools are available to anyone with an idea that is related to Mozilla. By offering these services at no cost we are supporting the Mozilla community and helping to increase the value of open source software.

The Mozdev Community Organization is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that exists to support the community. The organization raises funds directly from community members and from other supporters. Donations made to mozdev can be claimed as tax deductions (please consult your own tax specialist to ensure that you qualify) and previous donations dating back to April 26, 2004 can also be claimed. The organization is run with the help of volunteers, a part-time staff and a board of directors. Information about how and why the organization was created can be found at How to Build a Nonprofit for Your Community.



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