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WordPress.org is a free publishing platform that is interested in aesthetics, online standards and techniques. To put it in another way, wordpress.org is a website that you can use in order to manage to work with your blogging software. If you want to use this site you have to start by setting up on a web host in order to obtain more flexibility or just by getting one of the free blogs offered on wordpress.org.

How to use WordPress.org

Blogging to the maximum

WordPress.org might be considered as being one of the biggest self hosted blogging tool worldwide. Everything that you can find on this website has been created in order to serve the public. This is an open source project, meaning that there are a lot of people working on it worldwide. At the same time you can use the platform for absolutely everything you want without paying any license fees. By using this site you can download and install a software script named wordpress, but in order to do that it is required that you have a web host that should meet the minimum requirements needed and also some spare time. As we mentioned before, wordpress can be used for almost everything and it is absolutely customizable. There is another service that is called wordpress.com that helps you start with a new blog in a few seconds, but it is not as complete and flexible as the one you install yourself.

Offered Features

In case you are a brand new user of this website, WordPress’s front page welcomes you by offering you some valuable info on what Wordpress is and what it does for you. It will also help you to find a web host, download and install and get support from a team of pros. Find out what a blog is in case you did not know that.

You can access the WordPress lessons, to learn how to blog, the new jargon and semantics, how to design your own site and numerous other valuable free lessons. On the bottom of the front page there are great resources for pros, including themes, plug-ins, the possibility to interact with other developers, documentation and forum.

Each page that you access on this website contains on the left hand side a documentation part as well as the Codex Resources section.

Other features of the Worpress.org services include spam protection, password protected posts and the possibility to make changes on your templates, changes that will immediately appear on your site without you having to regenerate the static pages.

Another reason why this site is so amazing is that it doesn’t only give you the free software, but it also gives you the possibility to use it in any way you want. This means that you can even modify it for commercial projects without having to pay any fees.

The layout of this website is simple and to the point. It does not contain annoying ads and will come in handy when you have to deal with your blogging software.

Key features:

  • Full standards compliance – the wordpress team is doing its best to ensure that every generated code meets the W3C standards.
  • No rebuilding – the changes you make to your templates will be immediately reflected on your site without you having to regenerate the static pages.
  • Pages – you will be able to easily manage non-blog content.
  • Links – this feature allows you to create and update a variety of blogs through an administration interface.
  • Spam protection
  • Password protected posts
  • Easy importing and many other features.

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