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For Reasons Perverse and Unmentioned, for which the Pretext shall be an upgrade to the Nyarm, I seek defective CPUs and memory. Specifically, an LGA775 CPU and a DDR400 or 533 DIMM. Why? I have a motherboard (a NICE one) that takes the above, but I don't know if it works. So, if you've got some unreliable parts I can play with (say, a CPU that errors erratically under heavy load or DIMMs with a couple flipped bits) so I can verify that the thing _works_ without risking letting the blue smoke out of a shiny new _good_ CPU, I'm interested.

The doctors thought I was entirely joking when I requested the leftover bits as souvenirs, though. They were translucent and magenta and looked like they were made of plastic.

Also, there is the name of a gay porn producer emblazoned upon my crotch. And the back of the Prescription Underwear is, er, 'accessible', you might say.

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