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 MIIM, a term coined by Mr. Sweeney), and was used as basis for a screenplay published on his Web site in 1999 which depicted terrorism involving the downing of the WTC with passenger jets and resulting in Middle-East Oil Wars(fn 1). He also has written a sci-fi trilogy with its own screenplay.
     Mr. Sweeney offers a suite of consulting services to persons who feel they are being targeted by persons or groups in ways which are beyond their ability to defend against. Services range from free advice to for-fee ongoing consultations, to outright interventions. Also available are a range of unique services designed to enhance or amplify the advantages gained of elected defensive/offensive strategies. A FREE Helps Kit is available on request.
     With eight books in print or production, Mr. Sweeney found it expedient to create his own publishing house, [ProParanoid Press], which he hopes will also become a springboard for authors and non authors alike who have not found an acceptible way to get their work or story into the hands of readers. Based upon a mix of ebook and print-on-demand services, and augmented by coauthoring or ghostwriting resource matching, a wide variety of programs have been created to aid new authors, including a means to actually share in ownership of ProParanoid Press in a manner not unlike that of senior lawyers within a law firm.
    In addition, ProParanoid Press offers (through the [Just Looking Paranoid eBay on-line store]) customized versions of the sci-fi screenplay and book which allows gift givers the ability to give the unique gift of fame by specifying the names of characters and/or actors in limited edition versions of these works, complete with supporting customization of location, workplaces, or even insertion of meaningful life events.
fn1: Research for Fatal Rebirth evolved into a 'Unified Conspiracy Theory' which saw all of the seemingly random and unrelated assassinations, terrorism events, and debacles of our times (i.e., S&L Crises, Iran-Contra, Watergate, Enron, etc.) as being quite related and logical steps toward an End Game Scenario (total takeover by one-world leader). Based on this theory, it was assumed that if truly logical stepwise actions toward a predictable goal, and with select players at least superficially known, it would further be possible to predict future specific stepwise actions toward said goal, in essence, a definative test of the theory's validity.
This lead to the quick realization that there was high probability for several specific events which were so horrific in nature as to prompt Mr. Sweeney to at least attempt preventative action. These were:
1) The need to eliminate Ross Perot from the Presidential Primaries as it was clear that if he had a seat in the runoff, the outcome of the runoff election could not be controlled (part of Fatal Rebirth research indicated complete control of elections has been in place since the Kennedy-Nixon race). The only effective means forseen was assassination or death threats against him or his family. Mr. Sweeney warned the Perot camp as well as Secret Service of his concerns, but no action was taken other than to put Mr. Sweeney on Secret Service's Watch List. Weeks later, Perot did indeed withdraw from the Primary just the night before a stunning victory in Colorado primaries which would have assured him of placement on the national ballot. His excuse was flimsy and was in quite contravened by the victory itself. Some additional weeks later, Secret Service backchannel resources confirmed privately that Ross withdrew immediately after a MAILED ANTHRAX attack aimed at his family.
2) The next major event forseen was an act of terrorism suitable to foment wars in the Middle East which would give the US control over oil and gas resources. In hopes that public awareness might be used as a preventative weapon, Mr. Sweeney quickly wrote a screenplay based on Fatal Rebirth research and resulting concerns which he published at his Website in 1999. This indeed depicted the terrorism cited above.
3) Several other future terrorism events with related political outcomes are similarly depicted within the pages of Fatal Rebirth, to include specific cities, methods, and means. It should also be noted that Mr. Sweeney specifically played a role in defeating and (in point of fact) bringing to government's attention a specific terrorist plot subsequently identified publicly by President Bush in a speech outlining his administration's 'progress against terrorism' as "[gas station tasking]." Under guidelines established by Congress for enlisting the aid of American citizens in combating terrorism, the government owes Mr. Sweeney $1,000,000, but of course, under the veil of 'national security,' they need not admit to or reveal the matter further.

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