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The ProParanoid (Professional Paranoid) Newsletter

A quarterly full-color 12-25 page publication available by subscription either as mailed hard copy or emailed .pdf 'e-zine' formats. For current pricing and ordering, visit either [proparanoidpress.com] or the author's eBay store, [Just Looking Paranoid]. Page format is currently horizontal to better display on computer with less scrolling, with no discernable impact on hard copy readability. Many e-mail subscribers actually prefer to print their own copies to cust costs.

Back issues can also be ordered. When subscribing in the middle of a subscription year, a new customer is given the opportunity to have their subscription go toward the last full year (4 issues), the current year (get all issues thus far and finish the year normally), or to start the next year. Renewals are discounted. Mailing list is carefully kept private (I don't even expose the several known FBI/DOJ/CIA types who subscribe as part of their job to keep tabs on me), but for best privacy against Big Brother, it is suggested using the eBay store ordering point (good) or mailing a check (better) and electing USPS delivered hard copy (best).

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Topics Covered

The primary focus of the ProParanoid Newsletter centers on personal privacy and security issues and while this results in articles which directly address specific threats which might first come to mind (e.g., identity theft, stalking, etc.), it is also considered that perhaps the greatest threat to personal privacy and security may come from Big Brother. Therefore, there are significant and hard hitting articles on abuse of power issues and the virtual explosion of new weapons of Political Control Technology being developed by Homeland Security/Military in the guise of antiterrorism. Such articles have thus far introduced over 500 new terms and actual products in just three short years, along with stark proof they are intended for use against American citizens and not terrorists!

Each newsletter has a general theme with multiple supporting articles, and is fully illustrated with images, links, and references to the original resources. There is even an Always Leave Them Laughing section with both original humor and, where possible, real-world events or quotations that are too funny to pass up, all of which tend to showcase or ridicule the forces and powers that would threaten the reader's sense of personal privacy and security.

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