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 undoubtedly my best work, this long song echoes Volume I of the book by the same name, by reviewing the history of America and the World with respect to fascist and NWO goals to create a one-world government (and seat the Antichrist). Starting with Eisenhower's Farewell Address warning of the dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex with bagpipes and trumpets in the background, the song explodes to reveal some secrets about crimes of the intelligence community and elite power brokers, but is vielled behind the fact that the song is sung in the German language. Regardless, the 'Americanized' version of German used, along with recognizable audio cues from films and historical archives will make it easy enough to follow. Got Rammstein?
    • [Anthem of the New World Order], the way this one is written, it is concievable that actual secret elite members of the inner sactum of the New World Order power brokers might even like the song. For the rest of us, it is catchy enough to endure, but its real value is its educational nature: it explains the historical underpinnings and vile nature of the NWO movement. In point of fact, it is the most popular of all the songs I've offered online
    • Through The Barrier, clearly my worst work, there is something about it that is compelling (i.e., the music). There are no lyrics, but merely spoken words periodically, which while delivering a clear enough message (the original working title was to be The Martyrs Path), does leave something to be desired, creatively speaking. I would like to redo them by recording in stereo from within a moving vehicle, and play with some audio tricks to strengthen their musical value
    • [Guess My Name] another very popular song online, this one is 'Gospel' in nature, but could just as well be aimed at those behind crimes of the intelligence community. A good example of a suprize ending!
    • [MC Realities] (Short Version), this is a rollicking study of mind control with a deceptively up beat and playfull sound, yet within the lyrics there are real CIA developed mind control methods revealed, as well as the actual names of CIA doctors, most of whom who still practice their trade today unhampered by Congressional investigation by the Rockefeller Commission, thanks to CIA's testimoney that 'we didn't do it and we never will again because it didn't really work anyway.' So the Doctors shut down operations like MK Ultra and each went their own way to open up whole new operations. There is another suprize ending, one especially useful to Shrubs. Both the short and long versions are included on the Album
    • [25 Rules of Disinformation], another popular song, this one offers a peek at how disinformation works by revealing some of the 25 rules, and the music reflects how truth is altered and defeated by the attacks
  • Other songs not part of Alice in Amerikaland (non political)
    • [Lost to Her], very sapy love ballad about some jerk and the woman he loves, caught in a destructive, unhealthy relationship. Some of me in there, somewhere

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