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ProParanoid Defined

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The term proparanoid, with or without capitalization, is a term coined by author H. Michael Sweeney both as an actual word and as a tradename/trademark of his aka persona as The Professional Paranoid, as further defined at his Web site. Any use of the term outside of the following definitions and without credit as to the source with appropriate links to the author's Web site would require permission.

Note: The author's original Web site, proparanoid.com was hijacked and is now operating the Web site as a search engine in violation of tradename/trademark/copyright conventions while hiding behind what appears to be CIA provided anonymity demanding $157,800 to get the site back. Please do NOT use proparanoid.com, which is likely being operated by Men in Black to track persons who would otherwise be interested in visiting the author's CORRECT WEB SITE, [proparanoid.NET].

Derivation and Evolution ProParanoid and Related Definitions


1) A medical term loosely applied to someone who mistakenly fears being persecuted by others... followed, spied upon, stalked, threatened, etc.; 2) A medical term indicating a diagnosed psychosis or mental illness of one degree or another, often associated with further diagnosis as being delusional or schizophrenic in nature; 3) A general derogatory label used in offhand remarks intended to embarass and socially and/or politically marginalize persons who complain of such persecutions, primarily in order to avoid having to deal with the possibility that such complaints may be true. Note: People do not want to believe in a boogy man, especially if it means an offical investigation; no one wants there name on a report about conspiracies, gang stalking, untoward surveillance, mind control, etc.
a) related: opposite of paranoid
1) Sorry, there is no useful term in the English language for someone properly reacting to ACTUAL persecution. Some say 'cautious' is the word, but ONLY the victim seems to use that word, usually in self defense against suggestions of being paranoid. Why? Our civilization, certainly as exemplified by professionals within law enforcement, the courts, and medical institutions, simply does not want to believe in conspiracy or bogeymen. If you ask for help, you are simply dismissed as being paranoid, even if you have proof to the contrary -- they don't want to hear it, and the victim is victimized a second time in a whole new way.
b) related: metanoia
1) An mental illness defined as 'the belief that everyone is good/benign and the world/universe only wants to help you' regardless of the reality. Note: This is the TRUE opposite of paranoia but represents an inverse illness, not a state of affairs. Excuse me for saying it, but this would seem to be the state of mind of all law enforcement, media, and medical professionals who, by failing to consider that not every bump in the night is imagined, are deluding themselves: thus by their behavior, it is THEY who are mentally ill! If they call you paranoid, answer 'At least I not a metanoid,' and ask them to look it up.


1) Someone who wishes to aid and support those accused of being paranoid, especially when help has been denied elsewhere; 2) a concatenation of 'professional paranoid' -- see next. See also HOW TO GET HELP

Professional Paranoid

1) Title of a how-to book on personal safety and privacy by H. Michael Sweeney ~ The Professional Paranoid: How to Fight Back When Investigated, Stalked, Harassed, or Targeted by Any Agency, Organization, or Individual. Available from [ProParanoid Press]; 2) The an alter ego, identity, or aka name for author H. Michael Sweeney in his greater efforts to help targeted individuals as consultant and interventionist. See also HOW TO GET HELP

Professional Paranoid NEWSLETTER (aka ProParanoid Newsletter)

1) A quarterly e-zine or hard copy newsletter of 12-25 pages in color packed with news and tips about personal privacy and security, and revelations of abuse of power or conspiratorial corruption in high places. Learn more - get a FREE Sample!

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