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Hmsebaystore.jpg [Ebay Store: Just Looking Paranoid]


note: The original Web site for H. Michael Sweeney was proparanoid (.com). DO NOT GO TO this Web site: it was hijacked and is no longer associated with Mr. Sweeney. Hijackers, presumably 'Men in Black,' wanted $157,800 to get the Web site back. It is now merely a search engine site featuring the word 'paranoid' and is presumed to be a means of tracking who wants to visit my Website and from whence (Web link from which) they were referred. For more on the hijacking and how hijacking works, as well as how to avoid it, please visit the new and OFFICIAL Professional Paranoid Web site, proparanoid.NET.
  • proparanoid.NET [1] the author's primary Web site offering a massive collection of materials so interesting that the average visitor stays for more than 2 hours (a typical Web site enjoys less than two minutes). Each area features researched evidences and proofs, and analysis not offered anywhere else on the Web in the areas of:
    • privacy and security issues with FREE HELPS KIT on request for targeted persons unable to well defend
    • government abuse of power and crimes of the intelligence community
    • the Oklahoma City Bombing, WTC, and 9-11 as Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism
    • Flight 800 as Friendly Fire
    • Web hijacking, how it works, who does it, how to prevent it
    • 419 or Nigerian email scams (more info than even Secret Service offers)
    • disinformation, mind control and other CIA projects
    • articles from the ProParanoid Newsletter; and as always FREE SAMPLE NEWSLETTER on request — email me
  • proparanoidpress.com [2] is the current publishing house for books by H. Michael Sweeney and new authors. It features...
    • both wholesale and consumer sales support
    • advice and help for would-be authors and others seeking to get their first work or personal story before readers
    • a matching service between authors willing to be ghost writer or coauthor and persons with a great story to tell but no writing skills
    • creative ways and options giving authors more control over the means of participation, to include a share in ownership of ProParanoid Press in a manner not unlike senior lawyers in a law firm
    • creative reseller options, including ways for anyone to become a ProParanoid Press Evangelist and make money promoting and/or selling ProParanoid Press books in small to large quantities
    • a means for people to make contributions to aid victims of covert harassment, targeting, organized stalking, and Enemy of the State attacks (to include use of electronic weapons of Political Control Technology)
  • fatalrebirth.com [3] is a Web site devoted to promoting the book series, Fatal Rebirth
    • detailed synopsis of each of the four volumes
    • deeper background into the research behind the project, which deals with both crimes of the intelligence community as well as terrorism, and outcome.
    • reviews in more detail how this research was used to accurately predict an assassination attempt against H. Ross Perot and his family as well as the Septermber 11 WTC attack by passenger jets and resulting Middle East Oil Wars
  • [stores.ebay.com/Just-Looking-Paranoid] is a fun alternative (supports bidding and offers on select items) outlet for consumer access to ProParanoid Press books, and other items for sale by H. Michael Sweeney, such as...
    • the customized versions of his book and/or screenplay, In Mindless Times, a way for gift givers to give the 'fame' of seeing one's name, along perhaps with friends and family, and life situations, in print as a sci-fi thriller
    • various collectible memorabilia from the early years of the microcomputer industry and elsewhere
    • the stunningly innovative ErgoGrafx Writing System, which also has its own Website (see next)

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