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 note: books are available as ebooks by email, on CD-R, or as soft cover books, and can be ordered from [] or the author's eBay store, [Just Looking Paranoid]


  • books, non fiction:
    • The Professional Paranoid series on personal privacy and security related issues []
      • The Professional Paranoid How to Fight Back When Investigated, Stalked, Harassed, or Targeted by any Agency, Group, or Individual. 3rd Edition
      • The Professional Paranoid Defensive Field Guide A collection of materials from all ProParanoid resources and elsewhere in public domain useful for good defense, in a small pocketbook format, the latest in the three-book series
      • MC Realities Understanding, Detecting, and Defeating Mind Control and Electronic Weapons of Political Control Technology


  • books, fiction:
    • The Fatal Rebirth series, a 'fictional docudrama' with over 1,500 footnotes to let the reader decide just how much 'fiction' it really is. This is the book which foretold of 9-11 []
      • Fatal Rebirth, Vol I, History Revealed
      • Fatal Rebirth, Vol II, Future Reviled
      • Fatal Rebirth, Vol III, Voices of Men ebook only at this time
      • Fatal Rebirth, Vol IV, Men of Vices ebook only at this time
    • The Infinity Gate Trilogy, Sci-Fi series []
      • The Infinty Gate, Pt I, Mindless Times (fn1) e-book only at this time
      • The Infinity Gate, Pt II, Priceless Times Not yet released
      • The Infinity Gate, Pt III, Endless Times Not yet released


  • Screenplays
    • The Electronic Apocalypse, based on Fatal Rebirth, it depicted terrorism which resulted in the downing of the WTC by passenger jets and resulting in Middle East Oil Wars (published at the author's Web site in 1999)
    • In Mindless Times, based on the first book in The Infinity Gate Trilogy(fn1)


fn1 In Mindless Times as either a screenplay (shooting script) or as soft cover book is available in a special edition customized to the purchaser's specification. Intended as the ultimate gift for the 'person who has everything,' it allows characters/actors, places, and events to be altered so as to be personally identifiable by the intended recipient. For more information, please visit the author's [Just Looking Paranoid] eBay store.

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