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  a NOILWAR! Web page on predicting where The Grand Game and its Endgame Scenario might ultimately lead (Armageddon), with review of a graphic representation of the forces at play called The Armageddon Machine
    • Quote: "Since fact and truth seldom fall on their own, they must be overcome with lies and deceit."
      • Article: [25 Rules of Disinformation]: based upon Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression by David Martin. The original article as found at the URL below was written in HTML without the aid of spellcheck and suffers editing pitfalls. Each time I read it I find new errors but never seem to have the time to address them all. Sigh.
    • Quote: "The problem is that a conspiracy is easy to find when you are a victim, but hard to find when you try to make a case for it before others, especially when an authority such as law enforcement or the courts. They seem to want to use different definitions than you."
      • Article: [Never Say Conspiracy: The Problem is Definition]: from Volume 2000, Issue #2 of The ProParanoid Newsletter. The article goes on to illustrate the other definitions applied by various groups such as friends/family, law enforcement, media, the courts, and the medical community. It also gives some simple advice on how to present a conspiracy before others in ways which might avoid such pitfalls
    • Quote: "Conspiracy THEORY is only for Doubting Thomas media 'experts' use in name calling in order to avoid talking about the facts"
    • Quote (concatinated): "...what if there was actually a simple (cover up) 'formula' in use (by CIA, and what might the formula look like?): CU = (AC + P) x (LA + FB) x (4 + D) x (FE - TE) ^ (GI)"
      • Article: [Conspiracy Science: The Formula for 'Cover Up'] from Volume 2001, Issue #2 of The ProParanoid Newsletter. The article uses three different conspiracies (JFK, OKC, and Flight 800) to review and briefly illustrate the formula in action by a 'hypothetical' CIA office described toungue-in-cheek as OOPS COPS (Office of OPerationS COntingency Planning Services)
    • Quote (regarding use of labeling tactics used to discredit 'conspiracy buffs'): "I use labels like disinformation and disinformationalist, cover up and conspiracy to describe whatever seems to me to represent those particular ducks. The difference is, They (media/government) use such terms (as conspiracy 'theory,' 'theorists,' and 'buffs') to suppress inquiry and challenges to their brand of truth, and I use them to challenge the reader to demand the truth."
    • Quote: "We all rightly have a natural aversion to false advertising -- the ultimate form of which, in the intelligence community, is called disinformation."
    • Quote: "If a government and its military kills its citizens to make a profit, to take away civil rights that their power over the people may increase, and to destroy religions that theirs is the only choice remaining... then that is sufficient cause to take up arms by all historical accounts."
      • Article: [The Marketing of Osama bin Laden and Oil War III]: a NOILWAR! Web page look at just how the model of traditional product marketing has been applied to sell America on a fraudulant war by use of disinformation and Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism
    • Quote: "I have stated... there is a formula for war in the Middle East... Low oil prices = low oil profits = war = high oil prices = oil/war industry profits."
    • Quote: "OPEC - the cartel of oil producing states have an extreme interest in high (war-generated) oil prices, given that their actual costs to pump the oil out of the ground do not vary except according to their own nation's rate of inflation, which can impact on labor costs and replacement parts for machinery."
    • Quote: "Oil Companies (anywhere in the world) get to raise their prices IMMEDIATELY when any expected (war-generated) shortage of supply exists -- the old supply and demand formula. So even though they have yet to pay higher costs to the producers, the price of oil products (heating oil, gasoline, etc.) rises quickly well in advance of any change in actual expenditures..."
    • Quote: "Thus it is no coincidence that virtually every country in favor of war with Iraq is not using the Euro standard (i.e., all those Slavic/former Soviet states)... or is partnered with America in oil ventures in the Caspian (i.e., Turkey...) and every country which has come out publicly against the war is a Euro nation... So the new formula is War = (not having to trade national currencies for oil dollars =) Euro x 0 = (US$ and £) x 1.7 x War Oil Profits x Captured Caspian Reserves"
    • Quote: "our job (as activists, 'conspiracy theorists,' or investigative writers) is to provide what we might call 'smoking gun' quality in our evidence -- to stir the public to react in the strongest possible way, demanding justice be done with a proper and full independent investigation. But this demands we know what constitutes a smoking gun.
      • Article: [The Search For A Smoking Gun]: a NOILWAR! Web page presentation on what constitutes an acceptible smoking gun when looking at September 11 with an eye toward Domestic State Sponsored Terrorism, as a means of introducing the Timeline for Treason and Crimes Against Humanity also found through links on those pages
    • Quote: "We have been Alice, lost in a wonderland created for us through illusions and dreamscapes fed us by government... We have yet to awaken, but there is hope we will hear their words, and understand. There are many mysteries for Alice types in the 911 tragedy, but a number of them have a common but heretofore unseen nexus."
    • Quote: "I have repeatedly stated, well before cries of "war with Iraq" from Bush, that the Grand Game is only about oil at one level. At another level, it is about control of the World, and establishment of the New World Order, and likely, the seating of the Antichrist; a one-world government led by one person as foretold in Biblical prophecy."
    • Quote: "I have repeatedly stated that part and parcel of this (Grand Game) plan was a series of wars (or one giant Oil War III) with Islamic nations, one by one. If we looked at the Grand Game as being principally driven by terrorism as its fuel (the excuse,) then we would have to go after Iran, Libya, and Syria..."
    • Quote: "I've repeatedly stated that US Media is a willful coconspirator through its MIIM (Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media Complex) affiliations; we do not get the truth at home, but media around the world is very open and telling it like it is. We should not wonder, then, in light of just one example offered here using Australia, that other nations do not wish to jump onto the Iraq war wagon with Daddy Warbucks Bush."
    • Quote: "The presentation (Perle Powerpoint to Defense Policy Board at Pentagon) goes on to suggest a different Islamic group become the legitimate guardians of Mecca, but the threat is also implied that Mecca could simply just "go away" through military actions... As a Christian, I'd think that one of the worst possible ideas since the crucifixion of Christ. I guess, in terms of parallels, that would make Bush into Caesar, and Rumsfeld into Pontius Pilot of the New World Order, Pax Fascist Americana style."
      • Article: [Wisdoms of Perle: Iraq & Afghanistan, Today — Arabia & the World, Tomorrow]: a NOILWAR! Web page presentation of the man and his blueprints behind the Middle East Oil Wars, wars planned well before President Bush took office, ane well before September 11th, by the very same group that planned and took actions to assure his election and the naming of specific cabinet members suitable for such wars (oft called a 'war cabinet'). How did they know there would be justification (9-11) for such wars in place at the needed time, when they laid out their time table right to the week when we would start bombing Afghanistan?

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