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What is Political Control Technology?

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Political Control Technology. These are not common words, at least in this particular combination. Clearly, the meaning of each word is grasped by most individuals, and the meaning of the phrase can thereby just as well be grasped. But in attempting to so grasp, most individuals come to a kind of halt with a 'wait a minute... what on earth kind of technology can control political things?' Good question. A very unfortunate kind...

In answering, I should apologize to [Dr. Nick Begich], author of numerous books on political control technology. I, too, have written such books, and in one of them, I claimed to have been the person to coin the term or phrase. In research, however, I found that he beat me to it when he reported to the European Congress on topic, and where he used the phrase years ahead of me. So it is NOT my phrase as you may see or otherwise hear referenced on the Web or in media.

To explain the meaning of these truly unfortunate words, I will take the self-serving shortcut of using excerpted material I've already written which defines the terms in a fairly concise and compelete manner. We then follow with a test for those readers who do not believe, as the opening headline suggests, that they are already Victims of PCT. I quote from the introduction of my book on topic, [MC Realities]...

From MC Realities


Political Control Technology is any device and/or special methodology intended to force behavioral modification against the will of a victim by (covertly or overtly) sensing and/or altering, or negatively impacting any combination of:

  • a) physical health and comfort;
  • b) mental thoughts, processes, and/or memories;
  • c) spiritual and/or temporal (to include political) beliefs;
  • d) personal, social, and political credibility, standing, and effectiveness; and indirectly,
  • e) financial status, family unity, friendships, and job security.

We do not hear of such things in today's society. They are instead veiled by politically correct code words. These words do not always mean what they imply, and often, have an alternate meaning associated with PCT: public education, shaping public opinion, unified thinking, social guidance, social cooperation, restructuring beliefs, crowd control, political expedience, national security, global peace, New World Order, area denial, perimeter defense, less than lethal or non lethal weapons, unconventional weapons, and more. Behind theses code words is one simpler and more direct description: Mind Control (MC).

PCT can be applied in the form of disinformation, psychological warfare, dirty tricks, mind altering drugs, chemical inducements, hypnotherapy, implants, surgical and genetic alterations, electronic or psychotronic weapons, cyberwar, people's war, bioethnic war, ecowar, ritual sexual abuse, torture, eugenics, suicide cults, and murder. I apologize for the blunt and direct introduction. It must seem terribly impossible to many readers that these things actually happen on a regular basis. If only that were so…

Since very few people have read the Congressional record on topic (start with the 1977 Church and Rockefeller Committee reports), talked with psychologists who will admit what is going on, confronted the intelligence community in head-to-head battles, or studied the mountain of available material on mind control (MC) technology… a logical person might doubt that such a thing as mind control exists. This is exactly how those who possess and apply MC technology want it. In fact, they have gone to great lengths to thwart any actual public awareness and understanding, and even more diligently sought to discredit those who come forward with information on topic — especially the victims.

But the hard evidence exists to prove that not only has research been undertaken by various intelligence community agencies and militaries around the world, but that such research has been successful, it continues, and it’s bitter fruit is being applied regularly today against innocent civilians. Anyone can become victim. A victim is anyone who has suffered any form of mind control attack, a matter which does not necessarily involve being aware of it. Emphasize: ANYONE.

In fact, virtually everyone already is a victim. Emphasize: EVERYONE. Take te test below if you doubt me. But thankfully, not a victim to the degree that they should likely have noticed, though once informed, to a degree which will surely anger them. The victims that do notice are often the ones who next become victims of more potent forms of MC, and as result, need help the most. Thus the rest of us should take heed of this warning or those who apply MC tech will achieve the dark goals which drive their every effort, and we will all become mind slaves at one level or another.

Understand, MC is a tool applied towards a goal so dark that only mind control will allow it. So dark it is actually Satanic at its root. This alone should scare anyone into paying attention. People need to know what to look for, and what to do about it. They cannot fight that in which they are in denial any more than an ostrich can survive a direct attack from an alerted lion by burying its head in the sand. Once becoming aware of an MC attack and refusing to bury one's head… that is when a victim becomes a survivor. It matters not how much success they have in the battle, they still earn the label, for they are fighting, and as long as they fight, they continue to survive…

The 'how', the 'why', and 'what to do about it' are the basis of this book (MC Realities). End excerpts.

The Test: Are You a Victim of PCT?


No, you say? I wonder. Let us go back just a little in time. Tiny and undefended Kuwait had just been invaded by Iraq's massive army, and despite all kinds of protests in the strongest of terms, Iraq did not seem intent on evacuation. Remember that?

The Bush administration did not have a mandate for war. It was a tribal dispute between one Arabic country and another, each also favoring a different flavor of Islam, so some argued it was a religious war, and America (and other nations) should stay hands off. Something happened than then, almost overnight, galvanized public opinion. That something was even part of the Congressional record, something that made national news for days if not weeks. Do you recall what it was?

Bush started ranting about human rights violations and Congress started holding hearings on it. In the House of Representatives, a 15 year old girl from Kuwait identified only as Nayirah, testified of witnessing an act that was most horrific that it literally exploded across your television screens and daily newspapers: Iraqi soldiers had pulled 312 premature babies from incubators in just one hospital, and were "scattered like firewood across the floor."

Of course, from there it got worse. Soon, Bush cabinet members were telling any approaching reporter storming the capital about the terrible deaths of these innocent babies. And even later, some news stories recounted that Iraqi soldiers were seen bayonetting at least one infant. Naturally, every right thinking person was enraged, and almost overnight, called for military response. This was the mandate needed for war at home, as well as which was required in order for Bush to press for war partners abroad. Soon all of Europe was duplicating the same emotional merry-go-round as had Americans, and began to dizzily cry for war.

And war we had.

And then we learned the truth:

  • 1) Nayirah was not Nayirah, at all. She was the daughter of Saud Nasir Al-Sabah, Kuwait's ambassador to the United States.
  • 2) She was not even in Iraq during the invasion
  • 3) The incident did not happen per doctors from the hospital
  • 4) For one thing, the hospital only had 3 incubators
  • 5) The only patients who died, which did likely include some babies, were because the staff had fled and did not return. The few doctors who remained were unable to do everthing needed for so many.

100% of the story was fabricated disinformation. Fabricated by who? By a Kuwaiti government trying to get American help? No, though they had a hand in it as clearly as day is light. The real mastermind was CIA. A public relations firm [Hill and Knowlton], a firm with significant CIA ties, was employed by CIA to (once more, as it happens) mold public opinion, and a plot was hatched.

PR agencies create promotional and advertising campaigns to sell products or services to the nation at large. Its their job to make that product/service look really great and worth while, a value at whatever price. Sometimes they get a product to promote than lacks much in the way of redeeming values, so they look for whatever is good and push that, and minimize the rest. Sometimes they may have to fudge the truth a bit, but they NEVER outright lie if they can avoid it because they will SOON ENOUGH be caught and everyone will be in trouble.

But if you are CIA, you walk between raindrops and there is no consequence. If an unsellable war is your product, you go ahead and lie, not just a bit, but as BIG a lie as you can muster, as long as it is beleivable for a short while. Once you get the war, the customer cannot ask a refund: there is no company from which to seek redress. You might get to place a flower on a grave, but not much else.

So you were a victim of what?

Disinformation, which is the most subtle form of political control technology: you had a media blitz using television and print; you had anyone and everyone who was an official saying how terrible it was and what we should do about it (go to war); you had endless news commentaries and talk show host diatribes, interviews, and caller opinions all saying the same thing. Media was non stop on topic.

And then there was the yellow ribbon campaign, another Hills and Knowlton prompted project, one so successful that now we have so many such ribbon programs one after antother that they are having to invent new colors. We even had patriotic ads waving flags popping up out of nowhere from organizations you never even heard of, and while they were not talking about war (most of them, anyway), they made you prone to thinking better of whatever governement was about to do. Indeed, we were ready to sign off on what government was about to do, and we were even demanding they do it.

And this was what they were about to do, and you told them it was OK to do it:

Highway of death
(AP Photo/Laurent Rebours)

Thousands of Iraqi soldiers, mostly abandoned by their commands, many unarmed in their hast to steal whatever they could and toss it into a truck or car, also stolen, were fleeing in such numbers as to leave the city a ghost town overnight. This left a column of vehicles four lanes wide going north for as far as the desert horizon could offer, headlights out to avoid being seen. But the motion-sensing Inverse Aperature Radar domes of the AWACs saw them quickly enough.

And thus, soon, the A-10 Warhogs found them, and the F-16 Falcons found them, and the F-15 Eagles found them, and the F14 Tomcats found them, and the F18 Hornets found them, and the F117 Stealth Fighters found them, and all of the other planes of the 25 fighter squadrons in the area, and the aircraft carriers, almost all had nighttime targeting ability, and thus saw well enough to address the fleeing army. And they were no more, mere disentigrations in the night, so many little balls of fire in the distance. Boom! Boom boom! Boom!

And you said it was OK. But it was NOT you, it was someone controlling your reactions to do what THEY wanted. This someone had dark intent, and they had the tools to cause your own mind to come to a conclusion, a conclusion which it would not logically have otherwise come to on its own. Your will to be a good person with good intent was subverted to do the bidding of others to do evil against your will and under their servitude. You were a victim of Political Control Technology.

You were a victim of PCT, of mind control, and of vile men with darkness as their goal. Now, the interesting part is, you are buying the same load of crap every day, and even though you know it is crap because of this and similar lies fed you in the past, you still go along with it. Your will to do the right thing has been so subverted with time, that it is a hard habit to break. To break it, you will need to do a very hard thing:

Think for yourself. Become informed of the facts. Ask hard questions of government. Demand answers that fit the facts. Be an activist when you don't like the answers. I'm sorry if that's hard. Life is hard. It is your choice: You can be an Osterich which becomes the lion by ingestion, or be alert, fleeting, and deliberate, becoming the lion by means of persistence of truth. Do YOUR will, which is God's will. Do other, and you are doing the will of evil, which is Satan's will.

And by the way... the terms 'conspiracy theorist' and 'conspiracy buff,' labels which are tagged to me all the time, and anyone who challenges government when facts do not fit... labels which will be hurled at you if you resist... were invented by those same folks (in kind) who brought us Kuwaiti incubatorless babies, to make it easier for media and government to dismiss questions about facts which did not fit government's case for the lone assassin in 1963. You might want to ask why they would need to do that? The crap has been flowing downhill ever since. Don't you think its time to put on your waders and get out of the cesspool?

If yes, you might visit the author's [Web site] to see what other crap you've been walking around in. You might just find it's above your nose.

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