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The Site Report will definitely help a site owner establish good SEO practices.
-- Ethan Tan of MyPhoneDeals.co.uk


In 2 minutes I found 3 SEO issues on my website using their free report page.
-- Robin Williams 846ccd6cf422489a6efc5302b6c475af.png: @uniloops, 30 March 2011

A place for website owners

AboutUs.org is fantastic! Finally a place website owners/webmasters can systematically, efficiently improve, optimize and promote their sites. Thank you AboutUs.org, this is AboutYou!
--Thomas Retterbush of AssEtEbooks.com, 17 August 2010

Loved it!

The first client we bought a Spotlight article for loved it so much, we've bought articles for at least 20 more clients. This is a great way to boost a small company's visibility on the web.
--Carl Maeda of Autofusion Inc., 4 March 2010

Effective marketing tool

...although its concept may seem simple, AboutUs.org is both an effective marketing tool, and a unique experience. I recommend you include AboutUs.org in your online marketing strategy.
--Blog post about AboutUs.org from WeHaveItAll.net, 4 January 2010

Great site and even greater people

Thank you guys for helping out with our client's SpotlightUs Page. Our writer did a great job on their SpotlightUs Page. We do not hesitate in recommending you to our customers as a great way to promote their website. Thank you again!
-- Justin Anderson of One Up Interactive, a web design company in Wichita, KS, 27 October 2009

Cambridge Who's Who thanks the AboutUs.org team for its professional service

AboutUs.org has provided Cambridge Who’s Who with a unique and effective outlet to share information about our new online social network, Cambridge Who’s Who Connect. We found the process of launching the first official spotlight page on a Cambridge Who’s Who website to be a very straightforward and seamless one. Not only did we gain access to an easy-to-use platform, but we also received support from a highly talented and enthusiastic team. In particular, we were impressed by the level of professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness of the AboutUs.org staff.
Cambridge Who’s Who would like to extend special thanks to Aliza Earnshaw, Dan Cook and Danit Lidor, who were all instrumental in producing an engaging and attractive spotlight page on Cambridge Who's Who Connect. In addition to helping us create and edit the content, they taught us how to enhance the page on our own and directed us to sections on the site where we could find tutorials and other useful resources. This has been extremely valuable to us. With their guidance, we gained confidence in utilizing their platform and have created even more pages on Cambridge Who's Who-related sites, including CambridgeWhosWho.com, CambridgeWhosWho.org, CambridgeWhosWhoAuthors.com, CambridgeWhosWhoGuide.com, and CambridgeWhosWhoNews.com.
We look forward to adding and updating more articles on the various websites comprised in the “Cambridge Who’s Who on the Web” collection. Our next assignment: CambridgeWhosWhoWiki.com!
--Cambridge Who’s Who on its Spotlight page featuring CambridgeWhosWhoConnect.com, 29 September 2009

Higher profile for law firm

My personal injury site has much better visibility because of AboutUs.
--Howard Roitman of RoitmanLaw.com, 7 September 2009

Exceeds expectations

The quality of the writing is superb. Dedication and thoroughness of of the SpotlightUs Page writers exceeds all expectations. We received more traffic and long-term results than from a similar expenditure on PPC advertising. AboutUs is a very good value.
--David Allen of TotalVPS.com on his Spotlight page, 3 September 2009

Great marketing tool

AboutUs is a great tool. It allows people to find that tidbit of information about a website they didn't quite know about. And by including a description, tags, etc. they are also increasing the popularity of the website.
--Ben Gelbart of SavvyCollector.com, 14 August 2009


Suzi Ziegler provided a prompt and well-written page to help promote my company.
--Allan Skoropa of EZ-Screen.com on his Spotlight page, 7 August 2009

Articulated what we do really well

AboutUs provides a great way to highlight your business, and won't break the bank or your marketing budget either. I had excellent, professional service from the AboutUs team who understood our requirements and articulated what we do really well. I don't usually use paid internet listings but AboutUs is different - and if it fits your business model or you want to highlight what you do I would recommend it.
--Peter Elgar of Concentrix.co.uk on his Spotlight page, 5 August 2009

Telling our story

The process was conducted in professional manner and it allowed us to start telling our story, which is all about letting customers build custom AJAX web apps without having to code.
--Richard Rabins of AlphaSoftware.com on his Spotlight page, 4 August 2009


Working with AboutUs was a pleasure and the quality of the write-up was excellent.
--Paul J Alberts of ReliableDelivery.com on his Spotlight page, 3 August 2009


The service was top notch, and the writer and writing were really professional.
--Melanie Carlson of LushPad.com on her Spotlight page, 3 August 2009

Great people to work with

Proud of the SpotlightUs page @AboutUs just did for us. Great people to work with...check it out: ImageWearSolutions.com
--Gary Powell via Twitter

AboutUs.org staff made it easy

I just recently added a lot of information on my page for my vacation rental business. The staff at Aboutus.org made the page easy to put together and was very friendly and easy to work with.
--Rob Dalton of WaikoloaVacationRentals.com, 15 July 2009

Love this wiki!

I love this wiki, and I am having all my clients visit AboutUs.org to enter information about their websites!
--Douglas Daley of Probiz.us.com, 15 July 2009

Superb job

I am very happy to have signed up for the services of AboutUs. The entire staff was highly professional and did a superb job on [the page about] our website: InstitutoHemingway.com. I highly recommend AboutUs to any company interested in promoting their business. We have more customers than ever due to their performance and excellent job!
--Jose Alonso Lopez of InstitutoHemingway.com on his site's Spotlight page, 14 July 2009

Very responsive

AboutUs has shown a very professional approach towards spotlighting my company Shufra, a leading provider of documentation and translation services based on international standards and the world leader in Simplified Technical English training, consultancy and implementation.
The people at AboutUs are very responsive and needed little feedback to do a great job summarizing and organizing our company information in a convincing manner.
--Frans Wijma on Shufra.com.sg's Spotlight page, 9 July 2009

Impressed with these professionals

We are very impressed with the professionalism of the AboutUs team and how they handled our SpotlightUs page. It was an interesting and rewarding experience and it was particularly valuable to have someone independent write about our site. This has produced valuable feedback on how we are perceived by others.
--Mike Hammond, CEO of ooBdoo.com on his Spotlight page, 9 July 2009

Extremely professional

Recently we signed up for a SpotlightUs page to make over our current Brilliance.com article. The entire staff at AboutUs was extremely professional and did an outstanding job with the Brilliance article. We will be using AboutUs for more Spotlight pages in the future!
--Jonathon Ohayon of Brilliance.com on his site's Spotlight page, 8 July 2009

Highlights our value proposition

AboutUs concisely and accurately describes my company's business, helping highlight our value proposition to customers.
--Alex Rodriguez of Praxtel Telecommunications (Praxtel.com) on his site's Spotlight page, 1 July 2009

Responsive and helpful

Our writer was very responsive and helpful throughout the publishing process. The 1,200 visits to our page to date have driven additional traffic to our website. We use our Spotlight page as part of our marketing efforts to share a high-level summary of our business.
--Troy O'Bryan of ResponseCapture.com on his site's Spotlight page, 28 May 2009


We love the AboutUs Spotlight page! It looks awesome. I appreciate what you and your associates have done for our Spotlight page. You all did a superb job! Thanks again!
--Elizabeth & Bob Sainte of Hydro-Ventures.com, 1 May 2009

Drives traffic

Over the past week, my AboutUs page has reached 6th place in the list of sites that provide incoming traffic to EditMe.com according to Google Analytics. That’s fairly impressive, considering that most of the others in the top 10 are sites that I pay marketing dollars for every month - all more than the one-time AboutUs fee. If that keeps up, the incoming traffic from AboutUs could justify the expense in one month alone.
--Blog post about AboutUs.org and their Spotlight page for EditMe.com, 10 April 2009

Timely responses

Steven Walling did a fantastic job enhancing my recently launched website CustomPrivateEstates.com, through a Spotlight article. His professionalism and timely responses were very much appreciated. I highly recommend AboutUs.org to any business that is looking to increase traffic. Thank you again Steven for all your help!
--Michael Backes of CustomPrivateEstates.com on his Spotlight page, 26 March 2009

Beyond expectations

I think the service you have provided goes above and beyond my expectations and I am delighted with the service offering, which is not something I can say about too many other sites.
--Noel Liverton of Intelesis.co.uk on her Spotlight page, 25 February 2009

Share knowledge

AboutUs is a very good place where I can learn or share knowledge about companies spread around the world.
--Akio Saito on 17 February 2009

Worth every single penny

I can't thank Asad enough for his help with my wiki page! He became interested in my product so he could understand it well and composed a wonderful page that truly explains what my Guest Book Signature Platters are all about and just why they're so cool. He gave me a new perspective on how my customers should be seeing my products. The staff at AboutUs.org is very creative, very hard working, very friendly and worth every single penny. I initially was looking to achieve some good stats on my site (which I'm sure will come) but what I received and learned from these guys was far more than expected. Thank you!!
--Melissa Acker of GuestBookPlatters.com on her Spotlight page, 12 February 2009

Definitely recommend

I appreciate the hard work that my writer put into my article. He stayed in contact throughout the process and made changes to the article according to my feedback. I would definitely recommend this service to others because AboutUs has obviously put a lot of work into their service.
--Leon Bayer of Debt-Relief-Bankruptcy.com on his Spotlight page, 6 February 2009

Great job

For the price of the service you did a great job. You've outdone yourselves and I am very likely to recommend your service.
--Roxane Chatanova of WholesaleVIP.com on her Spotlight page, 4 February 2009

Best money anyone can spend

You worked very hard on our AboutUs page. I think it is the best money anyone can spend who has a business. We are very happy. The fee you charge is very low for the service you do. Thanks so much for a great job.
--Mike Kranz of SeeAuctions.com on his Spotlight page, 22 January 2009

Love your site

BTW, love your site, both in design and the idea behind it.
--Eric Suesz via Twitter, 20 January 2009

Targeted traffic

AboutUs has been great for my website. I have been receiving 40-50 hits from this site a day. Thanks.
--Aroop, 18 January 2009

Dramatic results

I wish to THANK you ALL at AboutUs for the wonderful personalized service you have given to us. It is so impressive to work with such professionals, from start to finish.
Quite frankly, you have been able to surpass all of my expectations, as to quality of service, swiftness of communications and the professionalism of the writers you had work with us in Belize.
I am also pleased to let you know that I have seen dramatic results in the amount of contacts and clients I have received that have commented on how the AboutUs article presence made them feel assured they were working with a professional.
I thank you ever so much!
--Reverend Macarena Rose of RainforestRealty.net on her Spotlight page, 15 January 2009

Good traffic

AboutUs.org raised additional $2.5M. Add your start up NOW if you haven't yet! They're bringing us good traffic - Veedow.com
--Fabio De Bernardi via Twitter, 12 January 2009

Wonderful site!

Wonderful site! Very fast and easy to use. We will suggest this site to all of our customers at auddens.com for all types of research.
--User:auddens, 10 January 2009

Company validation

A genuinely great site for company validation... Palmetto Equipment and Supply is a fan!
--Skip Farrow of PalmettoEquipment.com via AboutUs.org's Facebook page, 21 December 2008


AboutUs.org offered an awesome article about my site, and their editors contacted me to get details and information from me personally. Once they finished the page they emailed me to see if I would like anything edited, or any other topics touched on. It was really awesome and I'd definitely recommend the service.
--Mike Wittmeyer of PokerSite.org on his Spotlight page, 18 December 2008

Great service for both domain owners & surfers

AboutUs.org offers an excellent service for both domain owners and web surfers wanting to find out more about a company.
It's a great place to visit to find a trusted source of information on the websites you visit. It's especially useful if you're going to be spending money on a website and want to make sure they are legitimate with a good background history.
As an owner of multiple domains and our main domain, we find it incredibly easy to use AboutUs.org for providing information about our domains. Updating our wiki [page] is a pleasure, thanks to the fast and simple system provided.
--User:ITM Design, 11 December 2008

Aboutus.org is an extremely helpful service!

The Aboutus.org experience has been nothing short of SUPERB! From the initial contact with Kristina Weis to our dealings with both the writers that were working with us on the page. The quality of writing really impressed me, along with the quick turnaround times as well. We look forward to referring others as it's worth every penny and more! Thanks again!
--Adam Toren of VancouverBC.com on his Spotlight page, 1 December 2008

Gain a foothold on the internet

Cropped-Portrait-Gabriel LopezSeco.jpg
To all of you out there trying to gain a foothold on the internet, AboutUs.org provides a great starting point. Dedicated people with vision, to help spread the word about your little ol’ great idea. They have a fabulous staff committed to customer service. Great people, pouring great effort into their work to provide great customer satisfaction.
--Gabriel Lopez, CEO of iServU.us, on his Spotlight page, 28 November 2008

Very professional service

Nice and fast communication, and a very professional service. Everything went very smoothly.
--Jorge Sanchez of YokmoK.com on his Spotlight page, 24 November 2008

Excellent service

I hadn't a clue what I was doing or what I had bought but I am glad that I did it. The service is great and the staff are extremely helpful. I would like to thank your team for such an excellent service. They are so friendly and helpful.
--Shirley Smits of ubPROUD.com on her Spotlight page, 20 November 2008

Thank you

The service was fast, the writer congenial, and the copy was extremely well researched and written. Thank you very much.
--Bill Nash, CEO of UGlassIt.com, on his Spotlight page, 20 November 2008

Here for life

A double advantage to being with AboutUs coming from a marketing background it was easy to see how AboutUs could be so beneficial as a website owner and browser. I'm here for life. AlmaraAccommodationsDublin.wiki http://www.freewebs.com/dublinaccommodationsalmara/index.htm (free finder)
--Brian Whelan, 10 November 2008

A step in front of competitors

The AboutUs article added a touch of professionalism to my site. There are a half million other sites doing what my site does, and the AboutUs article helped put my site a step in front of the others.
--Adrian Rendon of MotorManiacal.com on his Spotlight page, 27 October 2008

Our experience with AboutUs and Web 2.0

We first stumbled upon AboutUs after running a few basic searches on a popular search engine. I had some previous experience with Wiki and Web 2.0, we quickly noticed that upon registration we could edit & thus optimise our page here. This started a chain of events, first of all we realized that the information we had about us on-line was actually rather out dated and needed to be freshened up. Just for helping us realize this we decided to opt in for a Spotlight article, not knowing what to expect, we started the collaboration effort by pumping in as much information about us into the Wiki as humanly possible. Every day we would tweak the information displayed on AboutUs, upload videos, add new sections, re-arrange the content available and so forth. After some time we noticed that someone on the other end at about us was also helping us tweak the content we had available here. Next we optimise the content we had for some of our other websites, including our very own corporate site. The results were fantastic, a chain of events that only Web 2.0 could facilitate. Next, typing our brand name into a search engine displayed first our website and then an AboutUs page that we have control over. Perfect!! That's what we were looking for! A good web experience for us and our users. Well done AboutUs.org.
--JP Stivala of ChiliPoker.com on his Spotlight pages, 24 October 2008

Promote your websites

AboutUs is a great way to help promote your websites and network with other people.
--Eric Wester, 21 October 2008

Valuable resource

As the number of pages on the Internet multiplies, your site will become a valuable resource for quick browsing.
--Suza Adam, 21 October 2008

Helpful resource

You guys have a user-friendly system that makes it easy to optimize listings. AboutUs is a really helpful resource and I've enjoyed learning more about the little tricks that make a page pop out at viewers.
--Jon Barilone of SEOP.com, 17 October 2008

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism of my representative. The article written for me was of high quality. I already generated quite a bit of traffic from AboutUs exposure. Thank you.
--Felix Alexander of AlexanderEvent.com on his Spotlight page , 24 September 2008

Great tool for promoting my business

Having a great copywriting individual spend time on creating unique copy that differs from my style is a great tool promoting my business. Also having a wiki page will be a strong tool for the future.
--David Anderson of SeaSaltCentral.com on his Spotlight page, 24 September 2008

The website owner finally has a voice

We would love to thank Aboutus.org - the website that allows site owners to have their say on their own website and tell the world what they really do. As soon as we make a change to our site, Aboutus.org is the first place we visit to tell the world. Keep up the good work guys.
--Olaf Kunigk of Mevilla.com, 23 September 2008

True value

You have left me feeling like Tanya has received a true value for her modest investment with AboutUs.
--Greg Thompson of SearchLawrence.com on their Spotlight page, 22 September 2008

Visibility and credibility

By every measure, I’ve found AboutUs to be a high quality site and organization. There is no question that my business page on AboutUs has given my company extra visibility and credibility in the search engines. The site tools are great, easy to use and learn. I paid for a Spotlight article and worked with Mehr Aslam. She was wonderful and I was very satisfied with the results and her professionalism.
I’d decided that it was important for my business to have a quality article on AboutUs but I knew it was unlikely I ever find the time to develop it. By purchasing the article writing service I was able to get it done quickly and be certain I had the most professional page possible. Paying for it also forced me to focus on it. Paying for Mehr Aslam’s expert assistance was well worth the time I saved.
--Malcolm Uffelman of EstampeInc.com on his Spotlight article, 19 September 2008

Comments from anonymous survey
Below are anonymous comments made by people taking our customer satisfaction survey:

  • It is a must have for any company needing an online presence. Other online competing services to AboutUs just weren’t feasible. It is outstanding service and quality at a very reasonable expense. I am very pleased with the instant and long term effect of our AboutUs experience. Thank you all!
  • As a small business, I needed an affordable way to reach prospective customers.
  • Very professional and were easy to work with through the process. Very easy to contact.
  • We do get about 20-30 referrals a month from the AboutUs article, which is great.
  • Well written article, and when people Google search me it shows up near the top.
  • It looked like a great value. I couldn’t create a page for myself at that price.
  • Speed, customer service, suggestions, personal touch.

I wish I could keep AboutUs a secret

I had an amazing experience with AboutUs and our writer. He showed extreme care and attention to detail to make our article very impressive. This service is a must have for any company needing an online presence. It is an outstanding service and quality at a very reasonable expense. I am very pleased with the instant and long term effect of our AboutUs experience. I wish I could keep AboutUs a secret, but I have had such a great experience, it must be shared. FlameDepot & I have zero complaints. AboutUs is highly recommended and we endorse your services! Thanks again!
--Melissa of FlameDepot.com on her Spotlight page, 10 September 2008

You guys are great!

I really like my AboutUs article - you guys are great! Keep it going!
--Andy Piper of PiperPartners.com on his Spotlight page, 8 September 2008

Really pleased

G'day from Australia! The land of strange idioms and great people! We are really pleased with the staff at Aboutus.org. They have completed a blinding article for our little

Aussie website. Feel free to check it out! ockalist article

--Katerina Hamill of Ockalist.com.au on her Spotlight page, 25 August 2008


Hi Mark, thanks for all your help on my AboutUs pages. I love it there and this is a great site too. I REALLY DO!
-- Jan D. Holiday (via Facebook), 22 August 2008

Wisest choices

In my marketing campaign, AboutUs.org has proven to be one of the wisest choices I’ve made.
--Jan Holiday in her comment on the AboutUs Weblog, 25 July 2008

Money well spent

You guys did a great job on the article about my website! Saad, our WikiCoach, highlighted our unique products and told the story behind our website in a way that conveyed the kind of image that we want, as if he read my mind. I am impressed and can't get over how pretty our article is and how good it makes us look. This was money well spent, and I will be sending my friends your way!
--Karen Hutchinson of BlueLips.com on her Spotlight page, 7 July 2008

Best investment you could ever make

Mark husson.jpg
As the owner of a moderately obscure website in a highly competitive market, I'm grateful for finding AboutUs.org. Shortly after my article was completed my Alexa score increased by 429 percent. Without a blink of reservation, I think this service is the best investment you could ever make for your website or company, and the most affordable. --Mark Husson of 12Listen.com and 12Angel.com on his Spotlight page, 6 June 2008

Amazing work on my AboutUs article

Portrait-Mike Hodgdon.jpg
WOW, Amazing! You did an excellent job!!! We are very impressed with the work you all did, and are going to be ordering another one of these right away. -- Michael Hodgdon of FirstLightNet.com and Fishing.net on his Spotlight page, 30 May 2008

Be found on AboutUs

It never hurts to have one more way for people to find out about you and your business, and that is exactly what AboutUs.org is about... You never know, perhaps your next big client or job will come from them finding you there. -- LGR Webmaster Blog on AboutUs.org - A Wiki Website For Websites, 20 May 2008

AboutUs pages contribute to a website's visibility

AboutUs indexes very well in most search engines. As a result, AboutUs pages contribute to a website's visibility. By having an AboutUs page that connects a business to its logical tags/categories, as well as to its industry neighbors, AboutUs is building a valuable, interconnected resource. --KillerStartups.com's review of AboutUs


This is an awesome use for a wiki.
--Dsgncr8or, 25 February 2008


Ted, you are a great guide to AboutUs. I will try to extend the same courtesy and respect to others who will cross my path on this Wiki and will share my knowledge as you have been doing with me. --Igorberger, 26 December 2007

Talk about what we do

Aboutus.org is a great way to put across to the world what we are doing (for a company, this is a nifty feature), and talk about what we do, what we offer to the community/people etcetera. --Sabarish of Vtap.com in his blog post on AboutUs.org, 19 December 2007


I was intimidated as hell the first time I came here. Overwhelmed, in fact. But the folks here made it so easy to ask questions and not feel stupid, were helpful in getting my pages straightened out (Thanks Tak...), that I was motivated and honored to be asked to come back here and give my two cents on these issues and truly care about what happens to the site. --User:Ddemarest, 23 July 2007

Interesting and fun

I think these pages overall on "AboutUs" are not just interesting & fun, but ultimately a useful way for people to get a stronger sense of who the people are that they might choose to deal with online. It's also enjoyable to have space to break out a little bit & pitch your passion! I guess the one thing I might suggest as an overall addition would be a rating tool that gives a thumbs up or down. It seems when things are designed to be more interactive and people get to actively do something it attracts users & as with many things, "easy" seems to rule the day. --Amber, 12 July 2007

More reliable information about websites

I think the idea of Aboutus.org will help new websites gain popularity, and aboutus.org will become a (human intelligent) layer over robotic search results, creating much more reliable information about websites. --Genexbs.com blog post about AboutUs.org

Created right before your eyes

I think AboutUs.org is awesome, I've read so many of the pages, and I've seen the pages being created right before my eyes....there's no experience in the world like that. Robert Williams, 10 May 2007

AboutUs review from www.adingvalue.com

Doing a quick search on the web I came across this Beta: AboutUs. It seems to be a wiki about web pages, any and all, on the internet. I simply did a search for my domain, AdingValue.com and the site said there was no match. Before I could even find a place on the page to sign-up and add it, it did a little automagic scanning and added it! It even got my about information into the page, wow! This is cool stuff. --André on his blog post about AboutUs, 3 April 2007.

Really encouraging

Thanks for your message it is really encouraging for us to come back to AboutUs to write about our domain subject because of the personal interaction. --Mayur of IndiaForensic.com, 5 March 2007

I like the idea of this

The idea is cool, and your crawler spider seems to be very efficient! --Ted chou12, 4 Mar 4 2007

Learn about your favorite websites

If you're one of those people who wish you knew a little more about that extra special site you've been racking up hits on, check out AboutUs. Think of them as that guy in your IT department who can tell you everything about any site that's out there. Except you don't have to deal with his cocky attitude and coffee breath. --Benny of CompFused.com in his blog post about AboutUs.org, 5 January 2007

Great website

This is a great website, and a great use of MediaWiki. --Anonymous, 22 Nov 2006

Simply great!! - I like it

A great idea put to simple execution!! Congrats!!! I like it. --Sai Thota, 6 Sep 2006

This is wonderful!

Aboutus.org is a very useful website. This is really wonderful venture. I hope aboutus.org can take my website (eclicks.co.cc) to new heights :)

Dublin and Ireland finally on the map with AboutUs (simply the best site and service)

Brian. Hidden-Dublin.com

AboutUs Testimonials

  • NYTimes.com  (read the original)

    AboutUs dynamically creates pages from publicly accessible information on Web sites, like meta tags and whois information. Once built, the pages - like any wiki - are available to be edited by the company, users, or anyone who visits the site.
  • FloorMall.com  (read the original)

    The staff at AboutUs.org took the time to understand our business, and translated the essence of what we do into SEO-savvy content that not only is driving more traffic our way, but reads well too. So if you're looking to move up on the search engines you care about, AboutUs offers a compelling solution. (AboutUs' SpotlightUs service)
  • NewAffiliatesResource.com  (read the original)

    AboutUs.org, wiki’s web directory, is the best known user customized web directory.
  • Genexbs.com  (read the original)

    I think the idea of Aboutus.org will help new websites gain popularity, and AboutUs.org will become a (human intelligent) layer over robotic search results, creating much more reliable information about websites.
  • TechFlash.com  (read the original)

    As an example of how AboutUs works, check out the TechFlash.com page here. I started editing the page on December 11 and promptly forgot about it until my interview with Chief Executive Ray King this week. When I returned to the page, contributors had added all sorts of bells and whistles. Now, you can find a detailed description of TechFlash, biographies, photos and contact details.
  • KillerStartups.com  (read the original)

    AboutUs indexes very well in most search engines. As a result, AboutUs pages contribute to a website's visibility. By having an AboutUs page that connects a business to its logical tags/categories, as well as to its industry neighbors, AboutUs is building a valuable, interconnected resource.
  • PolymerStudios.com  (read the original)

    Go to AboutUs.org and you will probably find info about your company there. It has been scraped from your site. At no cost, you can register and modify the info. But for a couple hundred bucks, a professional staff writer will produce an in-depth article about your company, which will provide links back to specific pages on your web site.
  • LinkBuildr.com  (read the original)

    If you’re working on a client, or wanting a SEO boost then I highly recommend paying for an AboutUs Sponsor Review. For $197 USD you can have their staff write a review of your website/business which will get you a content rich profile page.
  • XavierMedia.com  (read the original)

    AboutUs is actually a really good way to get some extra back links to your site and also get some extra exposure for your domain names.
  • Xconomy.com  (read the original)

    Go to AboutUs.org and you’ll find a page for almost every website out there. There is basic information about companies and people—addresses, contacts, summaries—and it’s all editable, Wiki-style, by anyone.
  • CompFused.com  (read the original)

    If you're one of those people who wish you knew a little more about that extra special site you've been racking up hits on, check out AboutUs. Think of them as that guy in your IT department who can tell you everything about any site that's out there. Except you don't have to deal with his cocky attitude and coffee breath.
  • Rent-My-Brain.net  (read the original)

    If you publish one or more websites, you will always look for good ways to get the word out about what you are doing. This afternoon, I ran across a new wiki designed specifically for web sites - AboutUs.org.
  • NoHeat.com  (read the original)

    Every once in a while I do a search for my own website with Google to see whats linking back, but doing a search this week returned a very interesting result. When I searched for “Noheat.com” the number 2 result was a aboutus.org wiki link. When I clicked around I noticed that they found a lot of my domains (not all though) and linked them up, also if I visited a site without a AboutUs wiki it autogenerated a wiki for the site which is pretty cool for building a database of sites and getting a nice link back.

  • We think we've got a pretty great website, but don't just take our word for it. Read what other people have to say about AboutUs.
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