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My Phone Deals helps UK consumers to save on their phone contracts by compiling and comparing deals and contracts from multiple retailers.

The site lets you search and compare deals using a multitude of filters, and also includes reviews, ratings, and phone specifications. The blog covers news stories from around the industry along with featured deals. Their goal is to give you everything you need to research and choose a phone, as well as compare and find the best deal for that phone.

You get 2 main ways to search - either for a specific deal, or for a particular handset. The deal search allows you to search using filters for the tariff and offer, whereas the phone search gives you the ability to filter by brand, features, and so on. By combining the two approaches, you can quickly narrow down and find the perfect deal for you.

Why You Should Use

In the UK, buying a new phone is a very complicated decision. You are faced with a huge range of combinations of different mobile phones, contracts, tariffs, networks, discounts and free gifts. There are simply too many options, and retailers have no incentive to make it easy for you to compare deals.

As a result, consumers do not have the time to research and make smart decisions. They subsequently end up with subpar deals. Many just resort to buying their phones from the local high street, and this can often mean spending £200+ more than they have to.

My Phone Deals was designed and built to solve this problem - it compiles all the deals from the best retailers, and gives you the ability to easily search and filter them to quickly find contracts that fit your needs.

With the advent of the iPhone and competing smartphones like Android and Windows Phone 7, mobile phones are becoming ever more important parts of our lives. Choosing a new phone deal is a major decision - even more so now that contracts are being extended to 18-36 month terms. This is a long time to live with a bad decision.

Bottom line: If you want to easily and quickly compare phones, and find the best deal for yourself:

Visit My Phone Deals



Types of Deals Compared

You will find a wide selection of deals for easy browsing and comparison, here are a sample:

Phone Models Compared

You will find the whole selection of handsets available in the market, ranging from the latest to the cheapest phones. Along with deals you will find expert reviews, user reviews, phone ratings, as well as highlights and specifications for each model. The types of phone deals featured include: iPhone deals, Nokia deals, HTC phone deals, Blackberry deals, Samsung phone deals, Sony Ericsson deals, Android phone deals, and many more.

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