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Natural Artisan Sea Salt

Across the centuries, salt has been an important element of life. It has preserved and enhanced food, assisted in health and healing, and shaped civilizations the world over. These days salt remains a critical ingredient in classic and gourmet cooking, and in overall health. Salt is available in many flavorful, colorful, and complex characteristics…and is the place to find them all!

Based in the Northwest, Salt Central is a leading supplier of organic and artisan sea salts. They offer more than 21 varieties of gourmet, natural, and bath salts directly from sources all over the world. Their salts are harvested by hand on cooperatives and natural farms using organically certified techniques.

Isn’t salt, well…just salt?

Definitely not! Traditional table salt (or sodium chloride) pales in comparison to the delightful flavor of natural salt! Sodium chloride is a result of the chemical processing and refining of natural salt crystals. Conversely, organic sea salt retains its natural properties and is hydroscopic — that is, it readily absorbs moisture and minerals from the water and soil from which it derives. This results in a naturally sweet, delicate taste. The textures of these organic salts are unmistakable and cannot be artificially reproduced.

Salt Central’s diverse array of gourmet sea salts and natural Himalayan salts are as unique in flavor as they are in appearance. Used in cooking and as finishing salts, these seasonings substantially enhance the taste and aroma of food in unexpected ways.

Specialized Salts from Around the World

SaltCentralChef.png has a wide variety of salts to please every palate. Among its most popular is a chef’s favorite — the renowned Fleur De Sel Sea Salt-Organic. It’s simply the best of the best! This low-sodium, French finishing salt is organically harvested in Guerande, France. It is a softly sweet sea salt (also known for its health benefits) that goes well with roasted meats, baked fish, and steamed vegetables.

Sea salts also come in a spectacular array of colors, such as Volcanic Red and Volcanic Black Hawaiian Sea Salts — both solar harvested near the shores of these beautiful islands. Similar oceanic and earthy essences are found in the Celtic, Cyprus White, Cypress Black, New Zealand, and Smoked-Pacific NW Alderwood Sea Salts. Each offers exceptional taste, crunch, and zing to any meal! Likewise, the Himalayan Salts possess slight mountainous aromas from their sun-dried, high-altitude origins.

Sea Salt Health Benefits

Sodium is an essential element for good health. Persons carefully monitoring their salt intake will find that a little sea salt goes a long way. Only a pinch of this natural seasoning is needed to liven up food. Salt Central's bath salts also have rejuvenating and detoxifying properties that provide spa-like experiences. offers several bath salts in a variety of colors, densities, and mineral levels; and they have Himalayan Salt Bath Bars for skin exfoliating and cleansing--great for alleviating skin allergies and psoriasis!

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