sells fiber optic patch cords, connectors, and enclosures.


Praxtel Telecommunications

Praxtel Telecommunications is a wholesale distributor of telecommunication equipment located in Miami, FL. Their close proximity to Latin America provides Praxtel with a comparative advantage within the Latin American telecommunications market. Most other manufacturers are located in China and their items often take up to 8 weeks to arrive. When you order products from Praxtel Telecommunications you can rest assured that you won't waste precious time waiting for materials to arrive.

Praxtel Telecommunications offers a wide variety of products, including: fiber optic patch cords or jumper cables, fiber optic connectors, Amphenol RF Connectors, coaxial cable, and signal-distribution equipment for use in broadband and telecommunication applications. In addition, Praxtel designs and builds custom fiber optic cable assemblies based on your specifications. Fill out their online form to receive a quote on custom cables.

Praxtel Advantages

Quality. Quality and customer satisfaction are their main objectives. Praxtel adheres to the strictest standards to ensure that products exceed your expectations for performance and reliability. All their products are manufactured under extreme quality controls and all are ISO-9000 certified. Every unit is thoroughly tested by manufacturers before they are shipped to customers.

Immediate Delivery. Praxtel maintains a large inventory of products which allows them to ship orders within 48 hours after order placement.

Competitive Prices. By buying in large quantities, Praxtel is able to obtain deep discounts and pass these discounts onto their customers. By eliminating intermediaries and maintaining a sizable inventory of components, Praxtel has the ability to offer some of the best prices in the market.



Praxtel receives its telecommunication equipment from the most respected manufacturers worldwide.

  • Amphenol - One of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world
  • Nordix - Privately owned company founded in 1975 that designs & manufactures cables
  • Hansen - A comprehensive hi-tech manufacturing enterprise with over ten years of experience.

Telecommunication Equipment

Sobre Praxtel

Praxtel Telecommunications es un distribuidor mayorista especializado en productos pasivos para telecomunicaciones. Nuestros productos incluyen cordones y conectores de fibra optica, cables coaxiales, conectores Amphenol RF, baluns, y distribuidores de fibra óptica (ODFs).

Ventajas de Praxtel

Alta Calidad. Nuestros principales objetivos son ofrecer una alta calidad en nuestros productos y la satisfacción total de nuestros clientes. Nos adherimos a los mas altos estándares de fabricación para asegurar que nuestros productos exceden sus expectativas de confiabilidad y desempeño. Todos nuestros productos se rigen por estrictos controles de calidad y solamente utilizamos componentes y procesos certificados por ISO-9000. Cada unidad fabricada es probada antes de ser enviada a nuestros clientes.

Entrega Inmediata. Un inventario bastante grande nos permite enviar sus pedidos dentro de las 48 horas siguientes al recibo de sus pedidos

Precios Competitivos. Los materiales utilizados en nuestro proceso de fabricación son adquiridos en grandes cantidades y directamente de los fabricantes. Esto nos permite pasar los ahorros a nuestros clientes. La eliminación de intermediarios y la disponibilidad de grandes inventarios permite que Praxtel ofrezca los mejores precios en la industria.

Contáctenos: 185 SE 14th Ter, #1910 Miami, FL 33131

Horario de Oficina: Lunes a Viernes 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (EST)

Teléfono: +1-786-544-0544 Fax: +1-786-513-0497


  • Alex D. Rodriguez
  • 786-544-0544


185 SE 14th Ter #1910
Miami, FL 33131


  • Primary Languages are English and Spanish
  • Idiomas principales son Español y Inglés

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