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genex-small-logo.jpg provides solutions for the digital age, focused on web & multimedia. It’s the offshore business house equipped to take you to the next levels.

Genex Business Solutions was formulated in 2003 in Lahore, the Capital of province Punjab, Pakistan. The company provides high end web design & development services to SMEs around the world. The company has been working successfully since 2003 in its offshore model. Philosophy of the company is to build long term relationships with its consumers and provide them continues maintenance and Support services. Such arrangements result in achieving better results.

The management of Genex Business Solutions is technology efficient and professionals themselves. A friendly corporate culture is maintained within the office & with the clients. read more


Our core services include, new media development, website development, SEO, SEM, web support services, and more. For details visit: Our Services



131 Ali Block, New Garden Town Lahore, Pakistan (54600)


PK: 92-42-5845570

USA: 310-734-8797



846ccd6cf422489a6efc5302b6c475af.png: @genexbs

News & Updates Launched

We have designed & developed a new website which will help school teachers to organize their lessons when they are absent from the school for any reason. This is a fully functional website, in which teachers can login after signing up with the website and use already formatted lesson plans to be used by their assistant in the school on the scheduled day of leave. Launched

Midas Entertainment is one of the biggest Pakistani Media production company, mainly producing TV Drama Serials, TV Shows, and Short Films. We have designed & developed a website for them, which is database driven and can display unlimited project information, videos, audios and pictures.

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Genex Business Solution is an innovative agency which takes pride in providing innovative solutions to unique Internet & Web requirements. We have professional teams of creative designers, web analysts, web programmers, content writers, support personals and more. Together we can build balanced websites which work best and make high impact. Our key services are Brand Design, Web Design/Re-design, Web Programming, Web Support Contracts and Web Marketing Contracts.
Meet the CEO

You can interact with the company CEO to discuss and provide feedback. He would love to render his suggestions on any of your web development requirements. VISIT CEO PAGE on AboutUs

Partnership Opportunities

The company is offering various partnership opportunities, for people from every walk of life and location. To explore the opportunities, follow the link below. read more.


The company has an online blog to update you about the latest happenings and issues. You are invited to have a look inside the company culture and policies.

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We are just not glad, we are in fact amazed to work with About Us. There are real people out there, willing to help you to build information online. We were looking for some credible presence on Internet other than our own websites, to increase reference and trust in our business. And we found About Us and built this page here, giving information about our website.

Soon we submitted our information, About Us community started interacting with us, giving us help and information on building a better page. We followed them and our page today is “Featured on AboutUs”.

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Featured Text -- provides solutions for the digital age, focused on web & multimedia. The company provides high end web design & development services to SMEs around the world. Their wiki page makes good use of color template to match their corporate identity. Their company is also part of LahoreTech Portal on AboutUs.(View Comments)

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