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When your delivery must make it to a destination in Detroit or Grand Rapids, Michigan, Reliable Delivery is your best delivery option. The Romulus, Michigan-headquartered company has you covered even if the delivery destination is in Southern Michigan, Northern Ohio or Northern Indiana.

In fact, Reliable Delivery is now Michigan’s largest same-day delivery company thanks to customized solutions for clients such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical laboratories
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Professional services firms including legal, accounting and architectural clients

Delivery services for when it has to be on time

Sure, there are lots of delivery options for, say, getting a crucial deposition to a Detroit law firm. But Reliable Delivery is the delivery service of choice, thanks to its enviable record of 98 percent on-time delivery.

That’s why Saint Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids uses Reliable Delivery to transport sensitive laboratory samples. The company’s fastest-growing market segment is medical delivery. Reliable Delivery's other cornerstone is its legal delivery service.

We are a full service delivery, logistics and warehousing company with vehicle sizes from passenger cars to 24-foot trucks. We can manage the entire delivery process with just a moment’s notice, and we're just a phone call or a few computer clicks away.Paul Alberts, president, Reliable Delivery

Warehousing, distribution, logistics offer growth

Alberts plans to grow the delivery company into a larger player in the warehousing, distribution and logistics arenas.

Manufacturing and medical delivery clients are looking for ways to reduce costs. Outsourcing warehousing, distribution and logistics services to Reliable Delivery saves those customers money and allows them to focus on their core business.

Reliable Delivery's experienced logistics personnel custom design a program for each client that reduces or eliminates rent, personnel and vehicle costs.

Delivery service eases client logistics headaches

Reliable Delivery takes over all the cumbersome and time-consuming chores of managing a fleet and dealing with delivery logistics.

The delivery, warehousing and logistics company provides services for clients such as:


Reliable Delivery traces its history back to 1987. In 1995, the delivery company decided to focus on high-margin services for the most demanding delivery clients. Reliable Delivery adopted its current name in November 2000, a tribute to the great service it brings to delivery, logistics and warehousing clients throughout Michigan.

Always room for more delivery services

Today, Reliable Delivery employs 200 people and makes at least 500 urgent deliveries per day to its 1,000 active customers in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

But don’t think that means there’s not room for one more delivery, whether the destination is downtown Detroit, or some far-flung corner of Northern Indiana. Reliable Delivery can always get that business-critical, last-minute delivery where it needs to go, on time.

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