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To start with, the website NYTimes.com belongs to the editorial ‘The New York Times’. Just like any newspaper it has all the necessary segments such as international and national news, news and updates about politics, classifieds, sports update, opinions, news about real estate, etc.

Home Page

The home page is an eclectic compilation of headlines of news from all spheres of life. Then there are many sub-segments of the news option that include a variety of topics like round the globe news, the latest happenings in the US, latest updates from the world of technology, about arts, movies, business, home and garden, style, dining and wine, science and latest discoveries, the weeks’ review, education, real estate, books, automobiles etc. So basically there is something for everyone, classified according to his or her tastes and preferences.


You can register at the site for free to get your daily dose of the New York Times. It’s the best feature of the site as you can browse through the entire paper online. The paper has different sections like front page, international, national reports, obituaries, the metro section, arts and leisure, business. You also get the weekend segments like week in review, sports Sunday, Sunday style and other articles like editorials, articles on travel, magazine, book reviews, weddings or celebrations, real estate, automobiles, the city etc. The paper is one of the most reputed ones in US and getting to read it online is a big privilege to busy business tycoons who are always on travel.


Next we have the videos section where you can treat yourself to visual delights on every kind of topic. You have some popular videos apart from all kinds of videos on topics like travel, real estate, magazines, business, technology, science, sports, arts, style etc. In fact in the food and dining video you can actually see the video to make lip smacking dishes like Granola, shrimp and eggs etc.

Social Metrics & Lists

Then we have the most popular section that has a few lists that tells you about the most e-mailed articles by the readers that has topics like “think small”, most blogged articles on web which generally involves the war on Iraq. We also have a list of most searched keywords that have words like ”India”, “ immigration”, “Iraq” among the others and the most popular movies list.

Times Topics

At the end you have the Times Topics, which is an annual index to the contents of the paper. It offers abstract of the important news articles, editorials and special features of every year, which is classified and compiled according to subjects, organizations, geography, and names. Thus you have people like Nancy Pelosi, Saddam Hussain sharing space with organizations like google, NASA, Supreme Court. Then we have subjects like global warming, immigration and refugees, and ongoing coverage about reaches of war, identity theft, and hurricane Katrina etc.

For more information you can log on to the site, www.nytimes.com. For letters to editor you can e-mail at




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