Hello, I am a collaboration enthusiast (by way of wiki).

Check out my overly energetic short videos :-)

I look forward to learning wiki with you! and would love for you to help build this wiki of small businesses! (see me work here at AboutUs.)

I think that we can achieve great things by working together and wiki makes that easier.MarkDilley

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The spontaneous emergence of global coherence
out of local interaction, self-organization.


Before I joined AboutUs, I started what is now WikiIndex - much thanks to JohnStanton, RayKing, TedErnst and many others for taking it to the level it is at now.

When I first talked with RayKing about the idea of AboutUs I didn't like it - but over the course of several months I became very excited about the potential of this effort and joined him in late August 2006.

My interest in wikis started in January of 2002 when I found PortlandPatternRepository and MeatballWiki.

A little later CommunityWiki came about. I feel very connected to all of those wiki, although spend too little time there.

I joined Helmut Leitner in his rediscovery of the TourBusStop system, an idea John Debruins had the year earlier (he came up with the idea for a Sandbox for inexperienced people to play with wiki in.)

Being the 'Eclectic Tour Bus driver was fun and I enjoyed talking with LionKimbro about WikiNodes and LocalNames. ideas came from the group of us on WikiVanning and folks at WikiSym, especially Eugene Kim (Since his site is a wiki, would be cool for us to redirect to his site; BrandonCSSanders did a great job organizing the first one.

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“A wiki is the simplest online database that could possibly work.” – Ward

AboutUs is a wiki of the internet, a web marketplace for small businesses. -- Mark