Simple is best. This heuristic may not hold true for all situations, however, in general, it is more pragmatic to keep things simple. Besides its aesthetic virtues, following factors qualify it as an integral value of AboutUs community:

Why is this important?

  • Simplicity often creates insight in simple things else hampered by unappropriate complexity
  • People tend to get more focussed, if things are kept simple and concise
  • Simple is usually more efficient
  • "As simple as possible, but not simpler" (Albert Einstein)

How do we do it?

  • Reducing the complexity of our pages, so that other people can easily continue our work
  • Writing articulated and concise

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The following list of folks understand and practice the WikiLesson described on the Simplicity page. Furthermore, they are actively propagating the Simplicity Meme by adding {{Badge:IPreferSimplicity}} to their PersonalPage.

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