When you have nothing to hide, it's easy to be transparent. We should create a world, where every mind feels fine in the light of the public.

Why the Invisible Man Has Nothing on AboutUs

Transparency is a pivotal value at AboutUs both for our staff and our community at large. It involves our commitment to openness and accountability. We affirm our values by publishing notes of our meetings, using open source coding, communicating in public talk pages and a public IRC channel, and providing a record of our edits on each of our Personal Pages.

It is our hope that by publicizing our actions and our projects we will engage you, our community and vice versa. If you would like to help build the commons, please see how you can help.

Why is this important?

Transparency builds trust. If you are using a false name, not your own, people may wonder why. It may not be desirable to reveal everything about yourself but a name is something to build upon. Communities can only really begin to develop if the members of that community know each other.

Radical Transparency is a potential component of universal ethics

In a more and more complex world, the critical processes that make up the safety and well being of our planet, need the maximal awareness of all minds. Governments only represent a tiny fraction of the "Global Brain". Therefore, opt for "Don't subordinate it under OpenGovernment". Of course, if every mind is continuously participating in OpenGovernment in the widest sense, then "Merge" is an option for me.

How do I do this?

Your personal page is a good place to start.

  • Give your real name
  • Upload a portrait of yourself
  • Add some information about yourself such as your interests, where you live in the world, etc.

For more information on transparency start here:

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