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Every AboutUs account comes with a personal page (Profile) and a talk page. You can navigate to your own talk page by clicking your name and then "Talk".

Leaving a message for someone on their talk page is often the best and easiest way for one person on the wiki to communicate with another.

Leaving messages

If you are on another person's personal page you can click "Talk" on the left (or the "talk" link by them in the history of a page).

To leave a message for someone it is easiest to type your message into the new built-in field. Of course you can always add a message by simply editing the page and adding your message to the bottom.

Receiving messages


When an edit is made to your talk page you will be notified with a message alert across the top of

Also, depending on your settings or preferences you may also be notified by e-mail when a change is made to your talk page.

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