All edits to a page are accessible via the "More" drop down menu near the top of the page next to the Search.

Upon clicking on "history" you will see:

  • revision number (latest first)
  • the date/time of each edit (UTC)
  • who made each edit (shown as a link to a personal page for a logged-in editor or an IP address for anonymous editors*) followed by links to this editor's talk page and contributions, and
  • an edit summary of what the particular edit modified (if the editor left one)

To view a particular version of a page select a date/time, and to compare what was changed between any two edits select the two corresponding dots and click "Compare selected versions."

See the AboutUs weblog post Tutorial: Reading Page Histories for more info as well as the below video.

Easy access also comes off of RecentChanges. (hist) lets you quickly view a wiki page's activity. (diff) lets you quickly see the latest individual difference in the history versions.

You may have noticed the new Recent Contributors feature, which is a simplified, visual/personal representation of a page's history.

Diff example page revision.png

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