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A WikiLink is a clickable hyper-link from one page on a wiki website to another page. It is the preferred way to make links here (see InternalLinkingGuide).

To link pages here at AboutUs, place the title of the page you want to link to in double brackets and save your edit.

For example:

  • [[]] will give you upon save. (Note: To work properly, link just the domain, "www" or "http" aren't needed here.)
  • [[InterestingHappenings]] produces InterestingHappenings.
  • To link to a list you can simply [[List:separate.terms.with.dots|and title the link]] and get this: and title the link

To begin WikiLinking navigate to a page you would like to place a link on (e.g. hit your "back" button or search for a page and hit "Find!", etc.) and hit the green edit link.

For more details see our instructions or print a cheat sheet of how to make things look better here and polices on what we think is fair link building here. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Links = Strings

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