If you are a real person here at AboutUs, meaning your real identity, then we warmly welcome you into the main part of the wiki. If you choose to keep a pseudonym, then please keep it in the User: part.

We often see personal pages created for websites that are best suited on a DomainPage for the website.
Example of a PersonalPage: KristinaWeis - registered people tell the community as much or little as they care to, like User:Kasey
Example of a WikiPage: - companies and websites

What is a Personal Page?

A personal page is a place for you to tell the rest of the AboutUs Community about yourself, the person. (If you'd like to talk about your website do so on its domain page.)


You can visit and edit your own personal page by logging in and clicking your name at the top right of the site.

The Ideal Personal Page May Include...

Example Personal Pages

Many people at AboutUs has developed personal pages themselves! Here are a few examples. It is likely if you need help with your personal page any AboutUs community member would be honored to help. Please add yours!

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