Categories are used at AboutUs to, surprisingly enough, categorize information. We use a loose, user-defined taxonomy, commonly called a folksonomy.

To add a category:

Simply edit the page by clicking "edit wiki" (or the edit button to the left of the external links section) and add [[Category:RelevantTopicToMyWikiPage]] at the bottom of the page. You can also change or remove an existing category. The page to which you add the category tag will now be listed as a link on the corresponding category page.


  • [[Category:Real Estate]]
  • [[Category:Italy]]
  • [[Category:Property]]
  • [[Category:Tuscany]]
  • [[Category:For sale]]

To give you a working example, you can see the categories that this page belongs to at the bottom of this page and they were formatted like this: [[Category:AboutUs:Glossary]] [[Category:AboutUs Help]] [[Category:WikiAnatomy]]

Categories can be a great tool to help users find your wiki page and by extraction, to find useful information by narrowing your search by: topic, business, service, region, geography..

Categories are not:

  • A person's name
  • Name of a business
  • Product names
  • Hyper-specialized (A general rule of thumb is that if there aren't more than a few other pages belonging to a category, it shouldn't be a category.)
  • A SEO tool (Attempts to use it as such clutters individual wiki and category pages, obfuscates the message and frustrates users.)

In some browsers your category edit may not show in the "preview" option, but once you save your wiki page the category links will be visible.

To find a list of all pre-existing categories, see Special:Prefixindex/Category:, though there are too many for this list to be very useful at the moment.

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