5 Great Reasons to Make a Personal Page

5 Great Reasons to build out your Personal Page

A Free, fun open way to tell the world who you are
Connect and Collaborate with like-minded people
Build Trust in the Community
Experiment with Wiki! Practice!

It's Easy!! We'll help you!!

We have your back!

All your edits are peer reviewed to make sure that they are not spammed or vandalized

Tell the world who you are

Creating a wiki personal page on AboutUs is a fun, free way to tell the world a little or a lot about yourself. Think of your page as your bullhorn to the world, a free mode to broadcast your thoughts interests and passions while making connections with folks and organizations that speak to your soul.

Connect and Collaborate

Your personal page says a lot about you, from your areas of expertise to your hobbies and beliefs. This information is open to other folks looking for people with similar interests and abilities. Your edits listed on RecentChanges include a direct link to your personal page, providing a great way to network with others.

Build Trust in the Community

Having a PersonalPage allows you to back up your history of good edits with an introduction of yourself. If you have a particular passion for a subject or background in an area it would be great to see that on your PersonalPage.


If editing other pages on AboutUs seems a little overwhelming at first, your personal page is a great place for you to experiment. Please feel free to try anything and everything out on your page to help you get comfortable with wiki formatting. The Sandbox is also a designated area for new users to experiment with as they wish. If you have any trouble, please contact us.

We will help you

If you're unsure of what to put into your user page, or how, just drop us a line. We'd love to help you put one together! You can contact us here or just leave a note on your personal page letting us know you'd like some help.

Not to Worry

We have your back!

  • We patrol all your edits to make sure that they are not spammed or vandalized
  • We can revert any bad things that might happen
  • We -or- You can fix anything that goes wrong with your page, just let us know
  • You can change your page at any time
  • All revisions of every page are kept and you can revert to an earlier version at any point
  • All the above means is... You Can't Break Anything!

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