Ward: Wiki as Trust

"One's words are a gift to the community. For the wiki nature to take whole, you have to let go of your words. You have to be okay with that. This goes into the name, called refactoring. To collaborate on a work, one must trust. The reason the cooperation happens is we are people and it is deep in our nature to do things together." -- Ward Cunningham, quoted in Corante:

"Ward Cunningham On The Crucible of Creativity", 17-October-2005

A little more:

Contributing to a Wiki is an exercise in trust. You must trust the community to engage positively and productively with you in your work and our staff to protect your work. Trust grows with time and experience. Test us out by making a constructive edit or building out your own page, then watch the result: increased traffic, recognition, and the knowledge that you have helped build the commons. You can trust us.

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