BiLinks are usermade bidirectional links between internal or external Wikipages, using the pseudo-icon , as a shortcut for introducing a list of linked to and linked from wiki-pages.

The sign "" operates as GoogleIcon.png WikiPragma, suggested as a universally available marker, here also named "Bilinks List Introducer".

This page is Bidirectionally Linked with Template:BiLinks Template Suggestion originally with chain icon 'OO', now simply better represented by ,


  • The bilinked referrer pages can be external or internal pages to a wiki: The main purpose of bilinks is WeavingTheWeb, creating a higher immediately available, more comfortable link navigation for the user in both directions. Although most modern WikiEngines support listing of the wiki-internal referrer pages, it is often very practical (especially for new users) to have explicit wiki-internal BiLinks. In this paragraph a new use of inline bilinks is introduced.
  • GoogleIcon.png BiLinks is a generalization of links between GoogleIcon.png TwinPages, which are bidirectionally linked pages with the same name, characterized by the symbol , whereas bidirectionally linked pages with (not necessarily but preferably) different names, are characterized by the symbol , which operate as "Bilinks List Introducer"s.

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Explicit HTML linking

HTML linking is not normally necessary in wikis, although there are some wikis, that allow HTML: e.g. wikis in the WikiFarm [SeedWiki].

HTML BiLinks

Ponder this:

Thank you for this example, to ponder: Although (1) points visibly to, doesn't point visibly back to (1). Therefore alone both pages are not bilinked with each other. In addition there is no Bilink marker list on both pages. On the other hand, (3) is a similar open service as (4), that could complement each other; so this suggests bilinking both homepages (3)(4) (without causing mutual advertising costs ;-). It's to the owners of both sites to decide that. fridemar 04:41, 18 April 2008 (PDT)


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