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RoCoCo Camp is an "unconference" in the RecentChangesCamp model that unites wikiers, bloggers, users, developers, artists, academics, activists, inventors, video editors, and other creators interested in Collaboration, Creativity and Self-Management. The bi-lingual conference takes place over a three-day weekend in Montreal, Canada.

As with the Recent Changes Camps in Portland, OR in 2006 and 2007, the meeting will be organized following Open Space technology, a collaborative building of the agenda. Wikis are the key topic of the meeting, but space will be given to the wireless community and to people interested in collaboration, creativity and self-management. In an Open Space format, organization becomes Democratic.

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The Open Space Model

RoCoCo is formatted on the Open Space model, which encourages groups and individuals to self-organize the agendas and solve complex problems on the fly. This structure operates on four basic principles:

  • Whoever comes is the right people.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
  • Whenever it starts is the right time.
  • Whenever its over, its over.

The agenda for conversations will be suggested by attendees on the first day in the morning. Materials and space for the group to collectively organize the agenda will be provided. Of course, since this is an Open Space, the opportunity for new sessions and agenda options to be added is available through the conference.

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RoCoCo Camp 2007

The conference will take place from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, the 18th at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) at 1195 St-Laurent, Montréal. Admission is free thanks to the generous support of the sponsors.


Sponsors for the 2007 RoCoCo Camp include: Atlassian, Google, AboutUs, The Keiki Project, Socialtext Incorporated, The SolSeed Movement, Wikia and WikiHow.

Goals for RoCoCo

Excerpted from the RoCoCo Invitation:

By the end of this meeting we want to have:

  • A better map of each other's projects and involvements
  • A broad understanding of what is going on in collaborative tools development (wikis and other collaborative text editing tools) and other community collaboration support platform (such as CMS, wifi network, community portals...)
  • Techniques for individuals and groups wanting to inject more collaborative practices into their work.
  • Sharing of experiments, practices and questions about self management issues.
  • Recommendations for actions by individuals and organizations interested in collaborative practices and tools
  • Sharing of creative experiments
  • Seeding of common projects
  • Plans for future collaborations

Remote Participation

Participation in the RoCoCoCamp isn't limited to conference attendees in Montreal. There will be options to people to follow along with discussions and ideas via the internet and the RoCoCo wiki.

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About the Name

RoCoCo Camp is the Montreal-based camp inspired in part by the RecentChangesCamp held yearly in Portland, OR. As a biligual event, the Montreal RecentChangesCamp idea was to present a French title to make it significant for French-speaking people. RoCoCo is a non-recursive acronym, for "Rencontres sur la Collaboration, la Créativité et l'Autogestion" (Meetings on Collaboration, Creativity and Self-Managment.)


Because the event is in Canada, the conference is designed to be in both English and French. The idea is that people who can help with translation will be available during most sessions for whisper translation or text translation.

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AboutUs flier for event

The AboutUs wiki joins the wiki community in a big way in the last 8 months! We are excited to bring wiki software and more importantly the wiki way to an internet wide audience.

AboutUs is a wiki whose goal is to create a free and valuable Internet resource containing information both about websites and other community created topics. The site was pre-populated with information about many different websites and thousands of updates are now being made by people each day.

Event recap

RecentChangesCamp Montreal, aptly named RoCoCo - a wiki style bar camp brought together some amazing minds from the wiki world. An unconference in style, a physical representation of wiki - these wiki camps let people decide the agenda and purpose of why they are there.

Participants at RoCoCo spanned from the West Coast of North America to Europe.

Developers get together

Nine wiki developers at RoCoCo formed a collaborative group to better communicate amongst wikis. A weekly IRC meeting is planned for the first Tuesday of each month at 21:00 GMT on, #wikiohana. Among the topics to be discussed are OpenID, wiki markup and an extended interwiki / sisterwiki map. A bot is in place to capture discussions and the chat room is open for use any time for those interested. Notes on the collaborative efforts can be found at [1].

Synergy At Work

Strong European contingent

Many folks from Europe were here and it was extremely productive to learn from their work!

Wiki Film


One Laptop Per Child

Really cute, durable children's laptops!


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Demonstrations on User Interface

Some of the folks involved:

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AboutUs Featured Wiki Page

Featured on 17 May 2007

Featured Text -- At our core, wikis are about collaboration, creativity and self-management. Which is why we love to gather for collaborative sessions full of these ideals. One such event is the now annual RoCoCo Camp in Montreal. Taking place this weekend, the RoCoCo Camp features an Open Space model for the agenda, allowing participants to self-organize the flow of conversation as the event happens. Because of this, topic areas going into the conference are broad, but the focus largely is on wikis, with space for discussion and thoughts on anything relating to collaboration, creativity and self-management. Remote participation via the internet is also available. Sponsors for the 2007 RoCoCo Camp include: Atlassian, Google, AboutUs, The Keiki Project, Socialtext Incorporated, The SolSeed Movement, Wikia and WikiHow.

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