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Ann Arbor Community News is a volunteer run news and discussion site for the Ann Arbor community. Articles on the main page are posted by one of our contributors. We aim for a fair voice in our posts, but acknowledge and don’t attempt to hide our individual biases (which largely overlap). Additionally, as volunteers, the writers acknowledge the limits to their knowledge; alternate viewpoints and additional information are welcomed in reader comments to posts – the true value of the site is not in the posts themselves but in the discussion.

Participating in Arbor Update

Any are welcome to participate in the discussion on ArborUpdate, but new “top-level” posts may only be created by the site’s maintainers. If you know of a topic deserving attention, please e-mail .

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the site, please let us know. We are constantly in search of writers, photographers, and techies to help with the site, and one of us will be happy to talk to you about what’s needed.


Core Contributors

Here are brief profiles of some of the people involved, and links to their personal sites:

  • Bruce Fields
  • js (Josh Steichmann) is a writer who has written about everything from the slow collapse of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival to wetland mitigation. He finds the third person confusing, but occassionally required by form and tradition.
  • Juliew
  • Matthew Wright Hollerbach is a U-M senior who splits his time between theatre and social organizing. He is an elected representative on the Michigan Student Assembly and manages websites for progressive organizations on campus.
AIM: Hawkeye008
  • Dale Winling is a graduate student in architectural history and urban planning at the University of Michigan. He hails from Kalamazoo, the place of origin of Gibson guitars, Checker cabs, and Bell’s Beer. His interests are local politics, student housing, and vernacular architecture.
Personal blog: Urban Oasis
  • Chuck Warpehoski, ICJP staffer

Embedded Micro-Correspondent

  • Edward Vielmetti


  • Rob Goodspeed is a 2004 graduate of the University. He created and edited, this year voted “Best Blog” by the Michigan Daily and runner-up “Best Blog in Washtenaw County” by Current magazine. As an undergraduate, he was involved in a variety of campus activities. [, AIM: robgoodsp]
  • Ari Paul is a 2004 graduate of the University and former columnist for the Michigan Daily. He has written for High Times, Atlanta’s Creative Loafing, and the now-defunct Baghdad Bulletin, and is now a political columnist for Citizen Culture. []
  • Brian Kerr is in the Masters program at the UM School of Information. [, AIM: briankerresq]
  • R. L’Heureux Lewis, also known as Dumi Eyi di yiye, is enrolled in the University’s doctoral program in Sociology and Public Policy. Historically involved with Michigan’s Black community, he hopes to be one black voice among many. [, AIM: dumilewis]
  • Scott Trudeau is a technologist, 2001 U-M graduate, and Ann Arbor resident. [ , AIM: sodthestreets,
  • Murph (Richard Murphy)* is a graduate of the Masters of Urban Planning program at the University of Michigan, with an official concentration in transportation planning and an interest in participatory, community-based planning. [ , AIM: qmrf , ]
  • Brandon Zwagerman is a 2003 graduate of the University and is currently enrolled in the U-M master’s program in Urban Planning. Brandon furthermore spends a nearly inexcusable amount of time and money on live music and records. [ E-mail: , AIM: brandonzwa, Personal blog:, Madison House (music venue): ]
  • Mark Dilley, at the time, was a metro Detroit labor activist interested in social software and the role of technology as an organizing tool for workers. Now he is involved in the AboutUs wiki.


Ann Arbor, MI



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