is a Wikimedia Foundation conference about the wiki movement

Wikimania is an annual international conference for Wikimedia enthusiasts. The conference presents a unique opportunity for the both a scientific conference and a community event that is a convergence of the two worlds, uniting members of various Wikimedia communities and inviting them to exchange ideas, build relationships, simply meet up, share and learn from each other.

Through a series of discussions, panels, presentations and workshops, Wikimania provides a platform to report on ongoing research, projects and an opportunity for serious Wikimedians and lay users alike to connect and exchange ideas about citizen journalism, explore wiki culture, free and open source software and exciting wiki endeavors around the world!

Wikimania 2009 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wikimania 2009 will be held from August 25 to August 29. It will be the first Wikimania held in Spanish and in the Southern Hemisphere.

Wikimania 2007 - Taipei Taiwan


Wikimania 2007, the third annual international Wikimedia conference was held August 3-5 in Wikitravel:Taipei Taipei, Taiwan at Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center.

AboutUs at Wikimania 2007

Past Wikimanias

Wikimania 2007

Being held now in Taipei!

In attendance from AboutUs: Ray King, Ward Cunningham, BrandonCSSanders, MarkDilley, John Stanton

Wikimania 2006

Wikimania 2006 was held from August 4th through August 6th 2006 in Wikitravel:Cambridge_(Massachusetts) Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the Harvard Law School campus.

AboutUs Community Members in attendance:

Ray King, MarkDilley, Jacob and Cort.

I was worried that my lack of use of Mediawiki would be a problem at this conference, happily I was wrong. I enjoyed meeting many people who were wiki enthusiasts, but not necessarily Wikipedians. Highly recommend this event!! MarkDilley

Wikimania 2005

Wikimania 2005 was held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It was a broadly international event, with 380 participants from over 50 countries. The 2005 site is archived on the Meta-Wiki, and notes and proceedings from the conference can be found there.

AboutUs Community Members in attendance:

Ray King and John Stanton


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Featured on 26 April 2007

Featured Text -- At AboutUs we recognize and celebrate the fact that we are also are part of a larger community that is comprised of other wiki enthusiasts around the globe. One way in which wiki folk get together is the annual International Wikimania Conference. Created by the Wikimedia community (which includes Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikiquote, Wikibooks, Wikinews and Wikispecies), this three day conference allows for a synergy of ideas and thoughts from across the wiki community, from developers and scientific discourse to community encouragement. With discussions, panels, presentations and workshops, Wikimania isn't just for Wikimedia people, but also provides areas interest to people using the Open Source MediaWiki software, like AboutUs. This year's conference will be held on August 3-5 in Taipei, Taiwan. While online registration for the event is available until July 30, the deadline for submissions for posters, presentations, workshops and discussion groups is next week on April 30.

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