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Hello! Welcome to Wiktionary. Wiktionary is a multiple-language (multilingual) free dictionary with thesaurus, being written collaboratively on this website. Entries are edited by anyone—records of changes are kept. We have created 150,869 definitions, articles and other pages since starting December, 2002, and are growing rapidly.

Ordinary, smart people like you are very active in building this project. While you are reading this, it is likely someone is editing some entry. Already at work have been many, very smart and knowledgeable people, but everybody is welcome! Contributing does not require logging in, but we'd like to know who you are. You can dive right in and add to, fix or create any page you like. If it pleases you, we invite you to drop in as often as you can! You can be bold, and even should be, in updating pages. You might like the "Recent Changes" page. Above all, play nice.

One of the most important things you should know is that we have borrowed from our sister project Wikipedia some cultural norms you should respect: We try not to argue pointlessly. This isn't a debate forum. After civilized and reasonable discussion, we try to reach broad consensus about what an entry should be in order to present an accurate, neutral summary of all relevant facts for future readers. We try to make the entries as unbiased as we can, meaning that definitions or descriptions, even of controversial topics, are not meant to be platforms for preaching of any kind. Bear in mind this is a dictionary, which means there are many things it is not. At any point, if you are uncomfortable changing someone else's work, and you want to add a thought (or question or comment) about an entry or other page, the place is its talk page (click on the "discussion" tab at top or the "Discuss this page" link in the sidebar or elsewhere, depending on your preference skin). Though again, generally, we try to avoid discussion for its own sake. You can find more of our community norms in the links listed below.

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