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Imagine a world in which every single person is given access to the sum of all human knowledge. This is the slogan of, a website that contains information from all possible domains. Wikimedia is one of the top free culture projects, founded by Jimmy Wales. He supports his website on the ideology of the Free Culture Movement.

It is available in numerous languages including Swedish, Portuguse and Chinese so that more people can have access to it.

There are 8 sections on the Wikimedia website.


You might be familiar with the Wikipedia - the Encyclopedia for all. This is the most popular site so far. Just give a quick search for anything that you are interested in, and you will find loads of data, organized in a wise manner. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an artist or a footballer, or the Battle of Hastings, the Wikipedia comprises data on all these.


The Wiktionary is an outstanding dictionary in a variety of important languages. It is like having hundreds of dictionaries on your computer or on your bookshelves. I’ve introduced the word mud, and I’ve been presented with 12 pages with possible contexts with a percentage of relevance. I’ve entered the one with 97%, and I’ve got the meaning, pronunciation, possible expressions and sayings, plus the translation into 20 languages including Welsh!


The Wikiquote section contains quotations from all over the world in 10 languages. There are famous quotations, creative quotations and inspiring ones. There are several groups of passages taken from famous people, films, literature or TV shows. How about borrowing some words from the TV series Seinfeld? There is a section containing proverbs. You can search for a nice quotation according to themes such as art, friendship, politics, war, religion and so on, or from categories such as epitaphs, tongue twisters, last words or theatrical plays and musicals. The English version has collected over 8000 quotations.


The next section on the main page is the collection of textbooks, also available in several languages. You can find here books for small children, school level as well as University texts from different domains. It’s all there at The Wikisource will present you with free books in numerous languages. You can select the language and then search after author or genre, subject or type.


Wikinews will keep you updated with all that happens in the world. Wikimedia commons contains media files. You can search for interesting photos by topic, by type by authors and so on. You can view nature pictures or famous paintings; it all depends on what you are looking for.


Last but not least, the Wikispecies section will inform you on all live species. Just browse through the over 79000 articles.

All this is for free.

No annoying ads, no pop ups, just valuable information. How come? This project is based on a healthy politics, that of presenting all people with the info they need on the Internet for free. People can add info if they are knowledgeable. You can contribute with valuable data from your field of activity. You can also donate an amount if you are a Wikimedia fan. All in all, Wikimedia is a great website that fully accomplishes its goals.


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