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The Birth

In the beginning, there was nothing. Then there was an enlightenment. An idea was formed of a travel site which will allow interaction among users and guests of the site from all over the world; would be travelers getting information and people from travel sharing information. Decisions have to be made. The world is such a big place to cover. So the focus was concentrated on Asia - the biggest content, the enriching culture, the dramatic history, the inexpensive low cost of living and fast paced modernizing city life, the numerous unexplored jungles, depths of the sea, and virgin forests... Too many aspects were considered before finally giving birth to Wikiasiantravel !

The Mission

Wikiasiantravel aims to be the ultimate travel guide providing the vital information on the sights to see, the accommodations to stay, places to dine and where to go for shopping spree in Asia.

Wikiasiantravel Explained

Excerpted from the website:

To give you a better picture of what Wikiasiantravel is, allow us to erase first from your mind some misconception by letting you know what Wikiasiantravel is not:

We are not an encyclopedia. If you plan to have an in-depth research on places of Asia, you may try using online encyclopedia such as Wikipedia instead. Wikiasiantravel provides information on some countries of Asia in so far as it is related to traveling to such destination.

We are not a Travel and Tours agency. We assist travelers to Asia by providing vital information and recommendations. However, we don’t sensationalize as we don’t benefit financially by recommending establishments. Our aim is to help the traveler. If an establishment is recommended, we perceived them as deserving to be recommended for their quality service or product. For some, a listing is provided without recommendation.

We are not an online advertiser. Although we may feature some Great Deals for certain establishments, we do not profit financially from them also. We only wish to bring together a Wikiasiantraveler who wishes for an awesome vacation and the places or business who can serve his purpose well. However, as Wikiasiantravel is open to everyone, anyone from any establishment can add information about their business.

So what is Wikiasiantravel?
Wikiasiantravel is a collaboration of minds from Osomnimedia whose aim is to provide an Ultimate Guide to travel to Asia, with the support of the wikimedia program. We aim to help travelers to Asia from the time they start considering of going to the time that they are back home, safe and sound.

Wikiasiantravel also promotes the active participation or contribution of users by providing a user friendly media that aids in the convenience of contributing and editing of information. It has a forum page where one may post also the suggestions, feedbacks, or even questions related to Wikiasiantravel. They can also log their adventures and experiences as to how their travel fared. Page layouts and templates are also provided for the convenience of the users/contributors.

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