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Amazon is an e-commerce enterprise based in Seattle, Washington. It began as an online bookstore in 1994. However, it soon added to its product line CDs, Video games, Electronics, furniture, toys, computer softwares. It is now the largest online retailer in the US. Amazon has established separate websites in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, France, China, and Japan. It ships globally on selected products.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.'s growth over the years was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994. Company was so named "Amazon" after the world's largest river. grew slowly in the late 1990s while many other Internet companies enlarged at an accelerated pace. Amazon's "loose" growth caused a number of its stockholders to grouse, saying that the company was not reaching profit at a rapid pace. announced its first gains in the fourth quarter of 2002. Earnings continued to bloom due to product diversity and international presence: US$3.9 billion in 2002, US$5.3 billion in 2003, US$6.9 billion in 2004, US$8.5 billion in 2005, and US$10.7 billion in 2006.'s Web Services's Web Services, also known as Amazon's cloud computing platform is usually offered to developers for use on their websites. The most famous of these services include Amazon EC2 (a service web operators can use to rent virtual computers for running their applications) and Amazon S3 (online storage services). AWS is embraced by tens of thousands of software developers.'s Acquisitions

Amazon bought Internet Movie Database which upset its prolonged users. also bought Cambridge, Massachusetts-based PlanetAll. PlanetAll operated a Web-based address book, calendar, and reminder service. In the same deal, Amazon adopts, an XML-based data mining startup for 1.6 million shares of Amazon stock. The two agreements together were estimated at about US$280 million. Amazon also picks up Alexa Internet,, and for a set of stock worth US$645 million. Amazon also purchased, a Chinese e-commerce Web site. It also debuted, a company centered on researching, and building innovative technology. In March 2005, Amazon annexed BookSurge a print on Demand Company. In 2006, Amazon procured Shopbop, a Madison, Wisconsin-based retailer of designer clothing and accessories for women.

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