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If you have a question, has the answer. has almost 4 million topics on words, personalities, business, technology, health, science and more. 1-Click Answers is free software that allows you to access the same answers via small info bubbles that appear when clicking on a word. In case you need shortcuts to answers, and you don’t want to open a new browser, you can set it as a toolbar on your computer and use it trouble-free. Quick Tour

A great feature of this website so that you can take a quick tour and find out about all the features of in a nutshell. It takes only two minutes to see how useful is.

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No matter where you are at the moment - the train, a bar, the store - you can access from your PDA with Mobile Answers.

Today’s Highlights

The main page of this 'encyclodictionalmanacapedia' contains events from this day - or Today's Highlights - that have occurred throughout history. Find out who’s birthday it is or what anniversaries there are worldwide. 'In the News' section contains stories on hot subjects.

Say What?

Say What? is a daily dose of uncommon words the visitors of this site are looking up. Find out who said it, where and why. These are sophisticated words, and you can also use them is case you want to impress someone.

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The 'Just For' section is dedicated exclusively to librarians, teachers, journalists, webmasters, bloggers, small business owners, and advertisers. It contains tips, tools and useful info tailored to each profession. For example, the 'Teacher' section contains lesson plan tips, research information, educational blogs, surveys and many other interesting things that might come in handy in a classroom. (formerly known as and is a place where you can collaboratively improve on both questions and answers, using the Wiki Way.

Blufr has recently introduced:, an online trivia game with an attitude:

"blufr is a new trivia-type game that hopefully gets people of all ages addicted to learning obscure facts. There's no evil agenda. Just play and keep playing. Each bluf shows the percentage of people who were fooled by it.

As you continue playing, you’ll notice your blufr score going up or down. When you’re done playing, click "claim score" and enter up to three initials and a web address, if you have one (i.e. blog, profile, etc.). If your score is high enough you'll show up in the "top scores" window.

We are adding more and more blufs on a regular basis so come back often, tell all of your friends and bookmark! We promise to keep blufr free and open (right now you don’t even need to register to play)."

blufr trivia can be embedded in blog and website templates.


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