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Why I don't like to be forced to login

I spend my time here at AboutUs as

Internal Organizer with 15 years of organizing people of all size groups
Old school wiki enthusiast - since January 2002
Wiki Ambassador
Labor Relations Specialist
Community Lead


celebration of ActiveMembers on DailyBuzz

Friday ... great wiki anatomy meeting ... helped figure out how we were going to finish the tour ... paired on tasking it out ... organized pairing

  • First pass we pair (Isabel and Kristina), (Kasey and John),
  • Second pass we pair

Asking questions

  • spotted a way forward
  • coordinated it
  • shepharded

Wiki Mentor

Two hour conversation with Misha

  • Helped her understand Wiki by talking it through
  • She said stuff like yours and I said "no ours"
  • She understood that wiki is community not people
  • Dissuade passion ... let it go
  • Mentored her

Communication/Relations Whiner

  • dealing with conflict in productive ways (personal growth)
  • feel like can talk with each other about work (issues that matter for projects)

Space Holder

  • Minimize organizational structure
  • Room for individual and organizational growth

Internal Organizer

  • Support the work of others
    • understanding company and individual work priorities
    • planning
    • helping others identify opportunities
    • act
    • intentionally underorganize for philosophical reasons
  • Project matrix greaser
    • Talk to everyone about "do they understand priorities for company at moment"
    • Do they have a plan for their own work ... do they know what that entails
    • Possibly many more things come out ... learning about things that are positive ... spotting problems ... helping people do their work ... spot meetings and help call them ... whatever needs to happen
  • Talk to Lahore before planning game ... make sure their priorities are represented

not enough structure

  • chaos for everyone
  • things don't get done
  • frustration

just right structure

  • people are working together
  • solving problems
  • dealing with conflict in productive ways (personal growth)
  • feel like can talk with each other about work (issues that matter for projects)
  • exciting
  • things go good

too much structure

  • chaos for the few with ever increasing tasks (not sustainable)
  • people don't take ownership
  • stifled ... I'm not important here

provide the minimum organizational structure needed to accomplish their work


Judge Butzbaugh, it shall come to pass; if thou continue not to hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God to observe to do all that is right; which I command thee this day, that all these Curses shall come upon you and your family, curses shalt be in the City of St. Joseph and Cursed shalt thou be in the field, cursed shall come upon you and your family and over take thee; cursed shall be the fruit of thy body. The Lord shall smite thee with consumption and with a fever and with an inflammation and with extreme burning. They the demons shall Pursue thee until thou persist.

Teaching wiki - Collaboration with wiki processes on the internet

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