calls seniors at home to ensure they are OK

CARE (Call Reassurance)


The CARE program is a telephone reassurance program developed and marketed directly by Database Systems Corp. (DSC). This program contacts the elderly and handicapped ensuring their well-being.

CARE is the latest generation of senior calling programs utilizing Windows OS, Intel processors and Dialogic telephony boards for communications processing. The CARE (call reassurance) program is one of the most important products that DSC provides to communities, police departments, sheriff's offices, and senior service organizations.

CARE systems can also send emergency phone alerts using DSC voice broadcasting technology to community members and likewise send automatic notices to seniors such as medication reminders.

CARE Subscriber Profiles

The CARE program supports 4 different profiles that fit the needs of subscribers. These profiles can all co-exist on the same CARE phone system.

Telephone Reassurance Call

This is the traditional CARE function that maintains a list of citizens to be called on a regular basis to ensure the citizen is OK. If the citizen does not respond positively to the call, an alert is generated at the CARE center and a follow-up procedure is initiated.

“I’m OK” Reassurance Call

The "I'm OK" profile is similar to the telephone reassurance call, except the senior initiates the call into the CARE phone system and informs CARE that they are OK. The CARE call is automatically processed using IVR technology. As seniors call the CARE phone system, they are automatically recorded as OK. No operator or dispatcher is required to take this call. Caller-id is used when available to determine the caller’s identity. If the senior does not call the CARE system, an automatic CARE call is made similar to the traditional telephone reassurance call.

Medication and Reminder Calls

The CARE phone system maintains a list of citizens to be called on a regular basis to remind them to take their medications or to attend scheduled appointments. This is not an emergency call and there is no dispatch of a CARE responder. The CARE system reports in its log the receipt (or non-receipt) of this call.

Latch-Key Child Call Reassurance

The CARE program maintains a list of latchkey children to be called on regular basis, either after school or any other time a parent would want to ensure their child is at home and safe. If the child does not respond to the call, the parent(s) and other appropriate contacts are notified. The time of calls could be randomized to ensure the child comes home and stays home.

CARE Features

Here are some of the CARE features.

  • CARE sends automatic phone messages over multiple phone lines at once.
  • Answering machines do not need to be turned off by CARE recipients.
  • Call home alone children when their parents are not home.
  • Greeting messages can be customized and randomized on a per subscriber basis.
  • Messages could include medication reminders for seniors.
  • Alerts can be sent by phone and email plus an alarm at the CARE monitor center.
  • First response can come from family members, friends, or volunteers.
  • The police or fire department can be primary or backup responders.
  • CARE can connect volunteers, family or friends for non-emergency conversations.
  • CARE phone can deliver emergency notifications to community members or staff.
  • CARE systems can be managed and monitored remotely.
  • CARE includes complete online progress reporting.

For a comparison with an older technology product, please visit the RUOK replacement web page. For a complete list of CARE features, view the CARE demonstration of our telephone reassurance phone system.

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